WordPress SEO Optimization, How AMZing Marketing Build a SEO Friendly Website and Get You More Sales

So you launched a wordpress website, but frustrated about not getting any visitors to your website or any qualified leads?

You are not alone, many business owners or web developers make the mistake by simply launching the website with a nice looking template and THINK it will be enough to promote their business.

We know that there is a lot of SEO power built into WordPress but that is not enough to move ahead of your competitors. Small and Medium size E-commerce companies are spending over $10,000 per month to drive more visitors to their website. 

To actually beat the heat of the competition, you need professional and truly efficient WordPress SEO services from AMZing Marketing to take your website higher in the search engine rankings. 


For 15+ years we’ve been SEO experts focused on WordPress SEO services that drive higher search engine rankings, website traffic, and online sales.

At AMZing Marketing we have a WordPress SEO expert and WordPress web designer team under one roof. We know all the “insides-and-outs” of WordPress and develop a search marketing plan tailored to your business growth goals.


Major Mistakes Most Business Owners or Web Developers Make with WordPress That Can Cost You A Fortune

When it comes to building websites, WordPress is an amazing tool. It gives you unlimited flexibility such as choosing different beautiful themes or easy to install plugins to add more features to your website. It even comes with different SEO plugins to make your website search engine friendly.

However, this tool comes with a price. Due to the overwhelming different options available it’s very easy to put your wordpress site in the wrong settings or NOT knowing there are configurations available to optimize your website. 

The result is a slow, NOT user-friendly or NOT search engine friendly wordpress site. This will cost you losing ranking and sales to your competitors

Here Are the Most Common Forgotten Things To Do In Your WordPress 


  • Adding Meta Tag Title and Description for each webpage
  • Optimize Images by adding Alt Text
  • SEO friendly URL for EACH web page
  • Internal link structure of webpages
  • 301 and 404 error redirects


Does this sound too technical for you?

Let AMZIng Marketing do the smart work for you.

AMZing Marketing Provides the Following WordPress SEO Optimization Services To Help You Get More Leads and Sales

Let AMZing Marketing review and analyze your website and redesign a search engine friendly website for you. If you don’t have a website yet, we will build one for you using WordPress

  1. Keyword research
  2. WordPress optimization
  3. Google Analytics review
  4. Google Webmaster Tools setup
  5. SEO plugin setup & consulting
  6. WordPress SEO audits
  7. Content optimization

AMZing Marketing Two-Step Process To Build Your SEO Friendly WordPress Site

Step 1: WordPress Template Optimization

  1. Design a web user-friendly and SEO friendly website structure
  2. Install and Optimize a User-Friendly Website Theme
  3. Optimize permalinks with targeted keywords
  4. Write and Optimize Meta Title and Meta Description for each webpage
  5. Create Internal linking structure and Formation of Breadcrumbs
  6. Rewrite or Edit the content of all your webpages to be fully optimized for Google

Step 2: : WordPress SEO Plugins Setting Up & Formation

  1. Install SEO, Social Media, and User Responsive plugins    
  2. Google XML Sitemap
  3. Optimizing the Image SEO
  4. And more to increase your SEO rankings…

After Your SEO friendly Website is Launched, AMZing Marketing Can Super Charge Your SEO Ranking with Link Building

Search engine optimization is arguably more important than ever, especially during the pandemic COVID19 situation. Achieving solid top rankings in search results is one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your web site.

AMZing Marketing Using the most cutting-edge techniques and following the best practices of Google to help you.

Unfortunately, learning SEO can be difficult and very time-consuming – not to mention that it’s constantly evolving, making it difficult for you or even your internal staff to stay on top of the latest trends.


How We Build Quality Links To Increase Your Website Ranking

We will find the right keyword phrases that your customer are searching for and increase your website ranking with quality link-building strategies related to your business only.


  1. Submit your website to Yellow Pages and other relevant important business directories
  2. Submit your website to Guest Blogs (we write 50-100 blog posts)
  3. Submit Press Releases (we write 20-40 press releases)
  4. NO Black hat SEO techniques, No Spammy Comments
  5. Only White hat SEO link building strategies
  6. Only Quality links that are related to your business
  7. Only Quality links with Domain Authority higher than 30


Companies like Yelp, 1800 Flower, Nike, Tiffany, 1800 Got Junk is spending at least $10,000 per month on SEO Link building  


You will need to have a budget of at least $9,000 (invest $3000/month) to make SEO Link building work and beat your competitors. Our work will be spread over three months, but you can see results after 1 month.


Our SEO Link Building Service ONLY Cost $3000 / month