Why Do I Need a Product Page?

The first thing every Amazon customer will see after clicking on your product is your product page. Every amazon seller needs a product page with images, bullet point descriptions, and graphic designs that concisely and effectively communicate the features, ideas, and benefits of their product to consumers. However, you will need an ASIN to begin.

What is a Product Listing and ASIN?

A product listing is how Amazon shoppers are first presented with your product; your product is on a long list beside a variety of other related products. The Amazon Standard Identification Number, ‘ASIN’ for short, is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that identifies every product on Amazon. This is a section of the URL that links consumers from other websites to your product page.

No Product Page Means No Sales

You need a product page to sell on Amazon. Without a product page, it’s impossible to communicate with your consumers and make a sale.

Have An Edge Over Your Competitors

Your product page is competing with the other competition’s product pages on Amazon. If you are unable to or poorly communicate your product's features and benefits through effective and concise product descriptions, images, and graphic designs, your customers will quickly lose interest in your product and move on to other competing brands. When your product page stands out, you attract the attention of consumers and keep it - which dramatically increases your chances of making sales.

Product Page Package and Services Include

Custom Professionally Planned and Executed Marketing Strategies

that will increase your sales and give you an edge against your competitors.

Descriptive Bullet Points

that highlight and explain the primary features and benefits of your product.

Product Related Images

that resonate with the consumer and hold their attention.

Impressive Graphic Designs

to compliment, showcase, and demonstrate your product’s features and benefits to consumers.

Effective, Concise and Detailed Description

that further explains the product's features and benefits to the consumers to ensure them that your product is worth their money.



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What Are You Waiting For?

Product pages are one of the best and easiest ways to communicate with consumers