Ship to the USA from Canada Fast and Save up to 74% on Shipping Rates

Are you fed up with high shipping costs? We were too! That’s why we have provided many of our Canadian clients with a low-cost solution. This E-Commerce Shipping Solution is easy to use and can help you sell more and grow your business.

Working closely with partner carriers (Canada Post and USPS), this Shipping Solution can save you time and reduce shipping costs up to 74%.

Imagine if you could Offer FREE Shipping, Grow Sales 10X and Streamline Your Orders

With lower shipping costs more customers will buy from you. Market Research has shown that No 1 abandon rate of your website shopping cart is the high shipping cost. Now, with this shipping solution, you can increase your conversion rate, get more sales, and stay competitive.

AMZing Marketing Partnered with Canada's Best E-Commerce Shipping Solution To Help You Reduce Shipping Cost and Deliver the Packages Faster to your Customer

Chit Chat shipping solutions helps Canadian business owners deliver their packages to their customers in USA fast and at much lower cost than using any local shipping carriers. Even shipping within Canada you can save up to 24%.

Easy Integration with Shopify, WordPress, Amazon, Ebay and Etsy

This shipping solution called, Chit Chats, offers integrations with popular e-commerce platforms to streamline your shipping.

Manage everything in one easy-to-use platform to help scale your business. With their low postage rate you can turn more online visitors into customers and expand your marketplace worldwide. Yes, you can even save a lot on international shipping!

Deliver Your Packages from Canada to USA Fast and Much Cheaper than Before

With Chit Chat Shipping Solutions you can now use USPS (united states postal service) to print postage and deliver the packages from Canada to USA the next day. Chit Chat clears the US custom for you and delivers your packages at the USPS location. Your customer will receive the package on time with a tracking number. 

Start Selling, Shipping and Saving

More Benefits for Canadian E-commerce Businesses

Shipping to USA: Save up to 75%

Shipping to Canada: Save up to 23%

Shipping Internationally: Save up to 80%

Print USPS shipping postage and deliver your packages to USA from Canada

International service is a lifesaver, especially the new DHL tracking service

Canada Post rates can on some occasions be cheaper then what ebay offers

AMZing Marketing Recommend Chit Chats As the Best Shipping Solution for Canadian Businesses


What are you waiting for? Start Saving Your Shipping Rates up to 74%