Case Study Toys: How One Advertising Strategy Generated ROI of 1100% Sales with ONLY $91 Spending

March 19, 2024   Case Studies
Case Study Toys: How One Advertising Strategy Generated ROI of 1100% Sales with ONLY $91 Spending

Most Amazon Sellers or PPC advertising experts can only dream about having an Acos of around 25% when managing their advertising campaigns in Amazon.

25% Acos means 400% ROI of your advertising spent in Amazon Advertising.

At Amazing Marketing we have optimized our clients Amazon Advertising with a performance ranging from 35% to 25%!

Let us show how we generated Over $1000 Sales with $91 Ads spending ONLY.

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Best Performing Advertising Strategy Revealed by AMZing Marketing Agency

Here is a summary of the case study:

Client’s Amazon Profile:

Product Category: Children Toys
Numbers of ASIN’s:  40 Different products

For each ASIN we created 4-5 different advertising campaigns. You can see we created over 200 different advertising campaigns and managed to keep the around Acos 23%, which is performing very well.   

But there is ONE ad campaign that really stands out. See the third row of the screenshot:

$91.86 spent and generated $1075 Sales per month.

How Did ONE Advertising Campaign Got 1100% ROI?

Most advertising experts will use one campaign for one product only. That is a common best practice in the amazon advertising market place. It allows you have better control over the performance of each campaign.  

At AMZing Marketing agency, we love to try news things to get a better performance.

We added 22 toys and created an Auto Sponsored Product Campaign with ALL four matching types:

1. Substitutes
2. Loose match
3. Complements
4. Close Match

Instead of following Amazon suggested bid, we use very LOW bids for all matching types:
8 Cent ONLY

What Products Did We Target to Get Acos 8.5% and Generated $1000 Sales?

As you can see in the screenshot we added 22 Toys of the same category in this ad campaign. It’s critical to have products are similar.

If you put different products in the same campaign, the Amazon Advertising algorithm will get confused and you entire ad campaign result will be a disaster.

With our new approach this Amazon Advertising Campaign achieved a remarkable results. A whopping ROI 1100%!

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