How AMZing Marketing Help You Get More Buyers or Leads

Are you frustrated not getting any visitors on your website or any qualified leads? Your customers cannot find your website in the major search engines. Instead they are going to your competitor’s website? 

There are two main reasons why potential customers cannot find you:

  1. Your website is not in the first page ranking for the key search terms in Google
  2. Your website is not full optimized for the search engine AND missing the most important search terms that your customer are looking for

Launching your Shopify website is only the beginning of a long journey to a successful business. Marketing your website is very time consuming and requires a lot of creative hard work.

How AMZing Marketing Get Your Shopify Website at the First Page of Google and Generate More Sales

Here are two key factors that can make your Shopify store appear higher in search results:

Website structure and content that is optimized for search engines and Humans (also called SEO On-Page Optimization)

Number of quality links pointing from other website with similar topic to your Shopify store (also called SEO Off-Page Optimization)

It takes time to build a reputation for your brand and get other sites to link to yours. You should plan this in the long term as your content marketing strategy.

When you are new to selling online, it can be very difficult and time consuming to do all these factors at the same time.


What SEO Marketing Services AMZing will Provide to Help Your Shopify Store Ranking

SEO On-Page Optimization usually take 1 month and here are the steps we execute help you:


  1. Research and Analyze your Google Analytics Data for Improvement
  2. Keyword research – find out what search terms your customers are looking for
  3. Write attention grabbing meta titles and description with the search terms in all your Shopify web pages
  4. Write attractive salescopy pages that increases conversion 
  5. Optimize Your web pages for the buyers search terms
  6. Redesign your website structure to by fully optimized for the search engine
  7. Create and Optimize Google Business Listing
  8. And more….

This is a One-Time Fee Only

depends on how many web page you have

SEO OFF-Page Optimization or Link Building requires at least 3-6 months

SEO link building is very time consuming and tedious process. If this is executed in the wrong way your website will get penalized by Google and that could be very devastating for your business.

We have seen in the past that many other business that has outsourced SEO link building to overseas SEO Companies and got their website removed from Google, because they were using manipulative spammy techniques.

Rest assured, AMZing Marketing is using only white hat SEO techniques and follow the Google guidelines strictly. We have ranked many websites to the first page of Google since 2006.  

In the long term SEO Link building is more rewarding than using Google Advertising. Your ROI can be higher than using online pay per click ads such as Facebook and Google Ads.

How fast you see results depends on your niche and how strong your competitor’s website ranking are. Remember that there are many other companies already have implemented these SEO link building strategies since 1996.

Here is what we do with SEO Link Building: 

  • Submit your website to Yellow Pages and other relevant important business directories
  • Submit your website to Guest Blogs (we write 50-100 blog posts)
  • Submit Press Releases (we write 20-40 press releases)

SEO Link Building Cost is $3000/Month