Get More Chinese Leads or Consumers in Canada Using Google Pay Per Click

Do you have a Chinese website in Canada, but not getting enough leads or sales? That’s because your website ranking in Google is very low.

Your website is most likely invisible in Google. Not having Chinese visitors to your website is very frustrating. So It’s time to get help from AMZing Marketing.

Two Solutions to Get More Chinese Visitors to your Website:

Increase Your Search Engine ranking (SEO) in Google

–> this process slow, but is very profitable in the long term

Advertise online using Google Pay Per Clicks

–> Get immediate visibility, but is very complex and requires technical skills

We recommend using both SEO and Google pay Per Clicks, but let’s explain how we can give you fast result with Google Advertising.


Google Advertising is Powerful, But Very Complex for Newbies

You might have tried to do it yourself with Google advertising and not seeing results.


  1. Writing boring ad text that gives little clicks, and causes increasing bid cost
  2. Don’t know how to use negative keywords to remove wasted clicks
  3. Not using the right keyword type (Broad, Phrase and Exact match) to increase ROI
  4. Not understanding profit margins and conversion
  5. Don’t know to improve the quality score to lower your bid cost

It’s time to get help from AMZing Marketing Experts:

We Get You the Right Chinese Customer Clicking and Buying!

Our pay per click Ads Management program saves you time, target to the right Chinese customer living in Canada, increases your sales and minimizes wasted money on pay-per-click adverts.

We successfully improve accounts spending between $1,000 to $20,000 per month on Pay-Per-Click in China, Canada and the USA

We will create high converting ad text and optimize your Google Ads campaign to bring you targeted local Chinese clients to your website. We make sure that your advertising is at the top of the search engine at the right time, all the time, so your Chinese customer can find your right away.

Google Adverting is much more than selecting some keywords, writing an ad text, and leaving it alone. It requires a marketing expert can implement cost-effective advertising strategies by

  • understanding your target market and
  • choosing the right search terms and
  • having the right bid cost and
  • writing the right ad messages and
  • linking to the right web page

All of these tactics are implemented perfectly to maximize your return of investment and giving you results.

Why Choose AMZing Marketing PPC Consultants?

Since 2006 we have been optimizing and managing Google Advertising and Bing Ads for Canadian companies.


  1. Our native Chinese experts have extensive knowledge in the Chinese market and their culture   
  2. Experience – Over 15 years of experience on managing Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads & Amazon,
  3. Creative Ads with High Click-Through rate – Ad copy written in Chinese to generate additional clicks and conversions.
  4. Reporting – Actionable reporting and insights giving you visibility into how ads are performing and actionable steps in what can be improved.


  1. Beat the competition
  2. Be top of Google (and pay less per click)
  3. Stop Wasting Money and Time
  4. Stop Baby Sitting Your Staff and Partner with Google Experts
  5. Maximize your online advertising budget

Work with an AMZing Marketing Vancouver agency

Are You Ready To Beat Your Competitors?

We Select Only One Client from the Same Industry, So Partner with Us Now Before Someone Else Does

Don’t let your competitor be ahead of you. Select AMZing Marketing as your online advertising partner so we can bring your more Chinese clients at the most cost-effective way.

AMZing Marketing Recommends a Minimum 6-month contract for Best Results.

But we can also work on shorter contracts such as 3 months including holiday campaigns or for certain seasonal businesses. We work with many different industries such as natural health, real estate, lawyers, dentist, counsellor, accountants, chiropractors and many more.

Grow sales and maximize return on investment by targeting your ads to a relevant audience on search engines, websites, and mobile devices.

Reach Chinese customers exactly when they’re searching the Internet for what you offer. We let your advertising text be displayed on Google and its partner websites.

With cost-per-click bidding, you are only charged when someone clicks on your advertising.

You set a maximum online advertising budget for us and we start working getting you clients and sales.

Are You Ready To Reach Chinese Customers in Canada and Grow Your Business Using Google’s Online Advertising Program?