We don’t just put your product at Amazon. We use analytical tools to go through the data to find the hidden gem for you. We even tell that some of your products are not profitable to put at Amazon, unless you just want to boost your sales.   

Amazing Strategies That No One Has Ever Seen Before
We use strategies that no one else has applied before. It keeps your products on top at Amazon. We help you make profit.

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We have run an Amazon store from zero to six figure sales within 2 Years

With trial and errors our team has fine tuned the Amazon tactics and strategies to increase ranking and sales. Some product are very competitive and we were able to outrank them. We just love marketing so much. If you have great product, we like to bring these expertise to you.

We have run an Amazon store from zero to six figure sales within 2 Years

We didn’t just started selling on Amazon only. Fifteen years ago our founder built a website and got number 1 ranking in Google with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques within 2 weeks. We even use Google Advertising and Facebook Ads to get sales online stores.

Today, the market has changed. The majority of buyers are shifted from Google and Ebay to Amazon. That’s why there are millions of sellers at Amazon to get a piece of this big pie. Yes, the competition is getting fierce, but we now how to out game them. We can help you increase sales and outrank your competitors.

What Ever Challenge Your Are Facing, We Have Been There 

We don’t just claim we are the top Amazon consultants. We have proven track record so solve all these Amazon issues. Are you getting negative feedbacks from your competitors or customers? Is you Amazon account suspended? Is your defective rate too high? Are you spending a lot on Amazon advertising without getting much sales (Acos over 50%)?

We have solved these problems before.

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