BRIFE 2019

Are you looking to get more buyers or export your food or natural health products to China and other parts in Asia? It’s a Chinese billion dollar market, however, recently tapping into the Chinese market is getting more and more difficult.

One of the most effective ways to showcase your products in this food exhibition is from Hong Kong where you can get connected with Chinese distributors and buyers.

Why Hong Kong? Hong Kong is in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region and has a strong infrastructure. It possesses a strategically ideal location for western companies to access China.

How AMZing Marketing Can Help You Get More Chinese Buyers and  Distributors

Let’s face it. The majority of Chinese buyers and distributors are not fluent in speaking English. Since Mandarin is their native language, most CEO’s and Managers of Chinese companies don’t need to speak English in China. So how do you communicate with them? How can you tell them your product is so great and explain why it is better than other competitors?

AMZing marketing can greatly be of help. Why? The company is located in Vancouver, Canada, powered by a diverse team of Canadian and Chinese marketing specialists who are fluent in speaking both Chinese and English, as well as understanding the Western and Asian culture.

How the Belt & Road International Food Expo (BRIFE) in Hong Kong Can Help Grow Your Business

Dubbed as “The Food Trade Hub” of the Belt & Road and countries around the globe, the Belt & Road International Food Expo (BRIFE) is the very first overseas food expo with a Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) theme which forges a B2B & G2B trade platform for agri-food trade and industries along and beyond the Belt & Road (B&R).

Chinese Wholesalers and Distributors Are Looking for Manufacturers from Canada and USA  – Belt and Food Expo Is Where East Meet West

The Global First “Belt and Road International Food Expo 2018” BRIFE was held from 27th to 29th June at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong last 2018.

BRIFE 2018

The event became the first landing platform to provide a one-stop food trade and investment co-operation from over seventy countries along the Belt and Road which aimed to facilitate unimpeded trade and promote the food industry in these emerging countries as well as to meet the expectations and needs of global food industry.

What Kind of Asian Buyers Are Going to This Hong Kong Food Show?

The first Belt and Road International Food Expo last 2018 had reported over a total attendance of 6,105 Visitors. 63.1% of them are from Hong Kong, 18.2% are from Mainland China, while 14.1 percent are from other parts of Asia and 4. 6% are from other countries.

Statistics of the Business Nature of Visitors last BRIFE 2018

More than 75% of the visitors are senior management, decision makers and responsible for purchasing or recommending products. The majority of visitors consisted of importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

Highlights included the showcasing of thousands of products and services originating from 38 countries such as the domestic leading enterprise of FMCG which featured two products: Voss (water) and War Horse (energy vitamin beverage).

This is a Once In a Year Great Opportunity to Increase Your Brand Awareness and Connect with Chinese Buyers

The exhibition will take place once again this year in AsiaWorld Expo (AWE) adjacent to Hong Kong International Airport.

BRIFE 2019 at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong

AWE is the leading Exhibition, Convention and Event venue with 10 ground-level and column-free halls, offering over 70,000 sqm of rentable spaces and hosts over 300 mega events each year, which has attracted more than 4 million visitors and high-end business travelers per annum in Asia.

Belt & Road Hot Chef Challenge

Featured events that took place last BRIFE 2018 will light up the stages once again which includes the Belt & Road Hot Chef Challenge, which is the first international competition that embraces different types of cuisine cooking with a “Hot & Spicy” theme, the BRIFE Awards where excellence and innovation across every category among the global food business and consumer markets are being discovered, the Exploring Tour of Baijiu (Chinese Spirits), Quality Rice Tasting and Show, the International Coffee Festival, Wine Masterclass and plenty more.

Estimated Statistics of visitors this 2019

The majority of expected visitors consist of importers, exporters, agents, wholesalers, distributors, retailers being interested in mostly Food and Drink, Agri Food, and Wine and Spirits.

Publicity and Promotion

Strong Overseas Network exists as BRIFE is currently accredited by nearly 30 countries’ senior government officials, including Ministers, Ambassadors and Consul Generals. The overseas supporters will help to circulate and promote the exhibition information in their countries and encourage more country members to exhibit.

There are also Rich Domestic Resources, for example, one of the hosts of BRIFE 2019, China Agriculture Exhibition Association (CAEA) is a leading national industry association managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of P.R.C. Its members cover the governments, enterprises and public institutions focus on agriculture exhibition and related business throughout mainland China. CAEA will motivate and organize the members to participate in the Expo as exhibitors, buyers and visitors.

Comprehensive on-line and off-line promotion
  • Printed Publications

Advertisements and editorials will be published in the food & beverage related trade publications.

  • E-Invitation

A series of promotion materials including buyer invitation, expo information will be sent to over 100,000 industry players.Website Exhibitor profiles and product categories will be publicized on BRIFE official website.

  • Newsletter

Our monthly e-newsletter will bring the latest news of BRIFE to more than 100,000 subscribers.

  • VIP/ Prestigious Buyers Invitation

VIP guest/prestigious buyers will receive the latest information of exhibitors and new products. Pre-show match meeting with exhibitors will also be arranged.

  • Social Media

The latest news of BRIFE will be published on Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, LinkedIn timely.

  • Business Matching

Business matching service is customized to the exhibitors and visitors to find suitable buyers/suppliers and products/services in the Expo effectively. According to their interests, the potential buyers/suppliers will be sorted out and the organizer will assist in arranging onsite business meetings at BRIFE.

  • Outdoor Advertising

Our outdoor advertising covers billboards, interiors and exteriors of buse & taxi and other public vehicles, subway LED and exterior signage etc. As an engaging medium, it has a high reach with a mass audience

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