Why Does Windows 10 Suck (7 Reasons) and how to Fix It

October 14, 2022   Vendor Central

1. Spying and Privacy Issues

In Windows 10, one of the bad things is it wants to spy on its users. If that’s all right, Microsoft would be glad to capture a live video of your desktop every time it is on. However, this may cause a furore. Instead, Microsoft decides to capture all the metadata.

That is, this giant company collects what you did with your data, how long you worked on data, and more. Nevertheless, the fact is that this produces a complete and perfect picture of your activities just as a video camera may. As a result, Microsoft realizes its goal without public uproar.

Microsoft calls this data “telemetry” and it is helpful to support users and track down bugs. Frustratingly, you cannot disable it.

Tip: If you are anxious about computer privacy, you can change some Windows 10 privacy settings. 

But this does NOT give you guarantee. Microsoft Windows might have another way to steal you personal data.

Use Linux instead. Linux operating is much faster than Windows and very user friendly.
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2. Forced Auto Updates

Windows 10 sucks mainly because of its forced automatic updates. In the old versions of the Windows operating system, the update was optional. That is, you can decide if you automatically update your system or don’t want an update. This feature is quite useful.

However, Windows 10 changes its update strategy and always forces you to update to the latest version and install the latest patches. Microsoft does this thing to let you get the best features available every time.

Nevertheless, according to critics, this is a strategy of Microsoft to cover up a design flaw in the operating system so that it can fix any obvious problem without the user's knowledge.

Besides, update reboots always plague you and the update issues like Wi-Fi Issues on Surface Devices, BSOD errors, etc. happen now and then. If the company is better at avoiding update problems, the mandatory updates could be easier to accept.

Tip: Linux does NOT force you to update. You can select the updates and choose when to upgrade.

3. Unusable Start Menu Search

Why is Windows 10 so bad? In addition to the above bad two things, Windows 10 sucks also because of its unusable Start Menu search.

It is reported that search queries will show nothing or incomplete results, the search box in the taskbar won’t open at all or turn unresponsive. Additionally, some users said that they typed cal to the search box and the Calculator app appears but the app disappeared when typing calc.

It is said that several other apps have the same case, which makes it difficult to use the quick search feature.

4. The Registry Rat’s Nest

You may think Windows 10 is trash because so many unwanted dirty files lie on your computer and you don’t know how they get there. Simply put, your computer becomes a rat’s nest of misconfigured applications and broken settings. Some ghost processes run in the background and unexplained & mysterious entries clog the index.

When you install every app, even a broken app or incomplete installation, Windows 10 keeps a file of such an app, making the PC messy.

5. Bloatware and Sponsored Apps

Your computer may have come preloaded with a series of features and programs that you never heard of or used, for example, the garbage-tier games like Candy Crush. These bloatware apps use up the disk space, slow down your computer’s speed, and consume RAM memory, CPU usage, battery life, etc.

Uninstalling these apps is only a temporary fix since they always will be installed again after major updates. Additionally, Windows 10 also shows you sponsored ads and you can do nothing to this.

Windows 10 shouldn’t display advertisements and install third-party applications that you don’t want. But this is normal for Microsoft. So, Windows 10 sucks in this aspect.

6. Design

Windows 10 is garbage because of its bad design. In Windows 10, Microsoft combined the looks of Windows 8 and 7, for example, refreshed the Start menu and notifications, canceled the Charms menu, etc.

But a number of design inconsistencies across the UI are caused by the combination of functions and styles. Modern Windows applications differ greatly in appearance from classic Windows.

Besides, Microsoft is slowly replacing the Metro Design with Fluent Design in Windows 10. However, it is difficult to combine together since these two designs are too different. Additionally, the designs of Windows apps – Calendar, Photos, and Mail are not complete.

This problem also involves context menus. Microsoft has 4 different context menus that are redundant and figuring out where to find each setting may be confusing.

7. Installer Vomit

In Windows 10, many of the installed apps spread out in different folders without any form of organization or hierarchy, which makes the User folder topsy-turvy. If you attempt to rearrange them, some apps may break.

In addition, Windows 10 sucks in other aspects, for example, Windows 10 Pro edition has become less suitable for Small businesses, etc.

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After reading so much information, you may ask: why do most users still upgrade to this new operating system although Windows 10 sucks? This is mainly because Windows 10 also has many merits and you can take some measures to alleviate the bad results that the system brings.

Some Tips for You

You may ask this question: should I upgrade to Windows 10? Windows 10 sucks in only 7 bad things but it has more advantages. As for the update, it’s up to you.

Windows update problems always happen. To avoid troubles, we recommend you to install Linux Mint

Bottom Line

Why does Windows 10 suck? After reading this post, you clearly know the reasons. 
it's time to remove Windows and install Linux Mint

Windows 10 Sucks FAQ

Why does my Windows 10 run so slowly?

The reasons are various, including CPU with poor performance, corrupted or insufficient RAM, old graphics card, Windows running on HDD, hard drive failure, disk fragment, etc. This post - 10 Reasons for Computer Lagging and How to Fix Slow PC is what you need.

Is there an alternative to Windows 10?

Actually, yes the most commonly considered alternatives are Linux, Google Chrome OS, and macOS

If you are looking for the BEST FREE operating system then Linux is your best choice