How and Why Amazon Brand Registration is So Important to Get More Sales

June 12, 2024   Amazon SEO
How and Why Amazon Brand Registration is So Important to Get More Sales

Here are most the important selling features and protections that you will NOT have in your Amazon seller account:

1. NO Brand Protection:
Amazon's Brand Registry program offers a suite of tools and benefits to help brand owners protect their intellectual property rights and enhance their brand presence on the platform.

However, enrollment in this program requires a registered trademark. Without it, you cannot access these exclusive features, such as advanced brand protection tools, enhanced content capabilities, and additional advertising options.

NOT Able to A+ Content / Enhanced Brand Content (EBC):
EBC allows brand owners to create visually rich product descriptions with enhanced images, text placements, and multimedia content. This feature helps improve product visibility, engagement, and conversion rates by providing customers with more detailed and compelling product information.

Without a registered trademark, you're unable to leverage EBC to enhance your product listings and differentiate your brand from competitors.

3. Missing Two Advanced Advertising Options:
Amazon offers
three different advertising options, such as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, to help sellers promote their products and increase visibility on the platform.

However, sellers without the Brand Registry program do NOT have access to :
Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display.

4. NO Brand Protection Tools: Registered trademark owners have access to robust brand protection tools, such as Amazon's Brand Registry platform, which helps detect and prevent unauthorized use of their brand assets. These tools enable brand owners to monitor and report potential infringements, counterfeit listings, and unauthorized sellers, helping to safeguard their brand's reputation and market share on Amazon.

How to Register Your Trade Mark in Amazon Brand Registry?

Go to here and follow the instructions provided by Amazon:

How to Give Brand Permission To Another User?

1. Use Your Main Admin Account to loging to Amazon Brand Registry:

2. Go to User Permission Page and Add the email of the New USer



3. Give the new user to role "Registered Agent"

This will allow the new user to create A+ content and two advanced advertising campaigns