How To Win The Buy Box At Amazon and Sell More

December 13, 2021   Amazon SEO

As the e-commerce giant that it is, Amazon is responsible for nearly 40% of the world’s online retail sales, and about 80% of these sales happen through the Amazon Buy Box. How crucial is the Buy Box to your sales on Amazon? If your product(s) is not in the Buy Box, it makes it quite difficult for shoppers to buy such – very important, you’d say. That being the case, let us consider what the Amazon Buy Box is, what makes it so important, how to become eligible for it, and most importantly, how to win it.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

When shoppers click on your product listing page(s), they are presented with many information in boxes and widgets. On the top left, they can view your product's images. The title, ratings, variants, and a few product descriptions are at the center of your product listing page. On the top right, the Amazon Buy Box is located. The Amazon Buy Box widget allows your customers and online shoppers to make a product purchase as quickly as possible.

The Amazon Buy Box allows shoppers to select their method(s) of product purchase. It gives them options such as used, new, shipping speed, gift options, number of items, and other variations to specify in their purchase(s). Immediately shoppers are done specifying the details in their purchase(s), the Buy Box would prompt them to check out by clicking the “Add to cart” button, which leads them to the “Proceed to check out” button. The Amazon Buy Box is the widget that enhances “no-stress” purchases by enabling shoppers to make their purchase quickly and easily, within just two or three steps.

Why is the Amazon Buy Box So Important?

The Amazon Buy Box is crucial for sellers on Amazon due to two significant reasons. One. Increases chances of sale conversion. Since we started earlier that nearly 80% of Amazon sales are made through the Buy box, this should now ring a bell. As a seller on Amazon, owning a Buy Box for your product(s) increases your chance of a sale. Shoppers are presented with easier purchase steps through your Buy Box. The Buy Box gives them all the necessary information to make a purchase making the whole process easier for your potential customers.

Two. Ability to create pay-per-click adverts. Amazon’s pay-per-click runs an advert system that allows sellers to place bids on proves of clicks for specific keywords, and it is only sellers who own Buy Box widgets can create sponsored listings for the product through the PPC system.

How To Win the Buy Box

Though Amazon does not have laid out factors used in assigning Buy Box to sellers, practices of established sellers over the years have suggested these five steps.

Selling New Products. If you are serious about getting an Amazon Buy Box assigned to you, you must prioritize offering only new products in your product listings. Practices over the years have shown that Amazon tends to give Buy Box widgets to sellers who sell new products instead of those who sell used products.

Avoid pricing above 5% of the current Buy Box price. On Amazon, low prices are usually equated with happy and satisfied customers. According to a reliable Amazon report, listing your product within 5% of the current Buy Box price increases your chance of winning the Buy Box. Many sellers usually miss out on the Buy Box because they fail to realize this fact. The Amazon Buy Box price is usually the lowest price offer on a particular product, but many sellers want to maximize profit, so they put their prices above 5% of this price.

• Qualify as a Prime Seller. This is not to say that Amazon does not allow non-Prime sellers the opportunity to win the Buy Box, but priority is given to the Prime sellers. To qualify automatically as a Prime seller, enroll to use the fulfilled-by-Amazon logistics service. To enhance your chances of winning the Buy Box, qualify as a prime seller. On the other hand, though, merchants who fulfill their products can also be eligible for prime.

• Have high stock levels. This tip to winning the Amazon Buy Box is usually ignored by many sellers, but little do they know that it is quite vital. If you offer a product low in stock, your sales may not reach some customers within the appropriate time. Amazon considers this and therefore favors sellers with a large stock of the same product. So, make sure you have good, if possible, high stock levels in all your product listings to enhance your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Responsive Customer Service. When it comes to assigning Buy Box widgets, Amazon tends to favor sellers with responsive customer services. Amazon prioritizes customer satisfaction, which is why sellers with positive reviews and responsive customer service systems tend to prioritize winning the Buy Box. If you want to stand a good chance of winning the Buy Box, work on your customer service. Make sure it is responsive to get more positive reviews to stand an excellent chance of winning the Buy Box.

Having exposed you to the best practices for winning the Amazon Buy Box, you should take note that you must run a Professional Seller Account for you to be eligible. Amazon does not assign the Buy Box to individual sellers. Also, make sure you comply with Amazon’s product policy to maintain a healthy seller account, making you eligible for the Buy Box.



Once you make sure to follow all the tips you’ve been exposed to in this informational content, you are assured of winning the Amazon Buy Box in no time at all. Even if you have competitors that also qualify, at the very least, you and these competitors should be eligible equally to win the Buy Box.