How to Call Amazon Seller Support to Reinstate Your Deactivate Product Listing

Isn't it frustrating that your listing got deactivated and not knowing how to fix this?
You opened a case and Amazon still hasn't restored your listing for weeks or even a month.

You keep seeing the standard email replies from Amazon Seller Support, which is NOT helping you much to solve this issue.

There are many reasons why your Amazon product listing got removed:

  1. Price alert warning (this can be fixed easily)
  2. Selling restricted product
  3. Selling natural health products without the NPN Number
  4. Selling Medical Device without having submitted medical device license

Your medical device listing got removed by Amazon, but you have Medical Device License

You submitted all the documentation and the medical device license, but Amazon hasn't reinstated your product listing yet. Your case is still pending. How can you speed up this process?

At AMZing Marketing Agency we have several clients to solve these issues. Once of the best solution is to call Amazon Support directly

How to Call Amazon Support for Assistance?

You opened a case to reinstate your product, but Amazon internal team decided that your product ASIN cannot be reinstated.

If the case is just (within 3 days) closed you can call them by clicking on the button:

-> Step 1 >> Click on Get Help

Step 2: >> Click on I need help with this issue


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December 24, 2021 - Reading time: 3 minutes