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Blog Marketing – Tips to gain new buyers with your blog

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Blog Marketing – Tips to gain new buyers with your blog

4 June 2010 Posted by: Guest Blogger

Every day I talk to people who are so excited about the internet and want to learn how to market online so they can have thousands of buyers flooding to their web site buying their products, and making money hand over fist. I always make it clear to these individuals that “it ain’t going to happen like that”. The art and science of marketing is acquired over a period of time and requires a lot of time and effort to make it all meld together and evolve into a profitable business.

If you’re not committed to do whatever it takes to build your business for the long haul, then I can guarantee you that you’ll never be a successful marketer. I’m not talking about becoming a millionaire over night, that idea isn’t even realistic. Getting rich promoting affiliate sites is an unrealistic goal. Making money and getting rich selling e-books isn’t going to cut it either. I know you’re probably saying at this point, “then what are my options”?

You must put together a simple business plan that outlines where you are now and where you want to be at some point in the future. In this outline of your future, ask yourself some really personal questions. Is this something that I feel I can do mentally, physically and financially? If any of these three elements of your plan are not obtainable, then you need to figure out if you can change your situation in any way that will it make if possible to overcome any deficits in your mental, physical or financial challenges.

If you see there may be possibilities of making it work, then by all means….”go for it”. If you can’t make it work then forget this whole process and proceed in life knowing you can travel down the same road tomorrow as your traveling today. Nothing ventured….nothing gained.

Buying a domain is one of the first steps in your new online venture. Try to acquire a domain name with a keyword in the URL about your business you’re going to be promoting. If you can’t find a suitable domain name then you might choose to use your name as your primary domain URL and then use sub domains and sub directories when promoting various aspects of your business.

Get your own hosting account, e-mail accounts, ftp clients and a couple other basic programs so you can build your own system and maintain a control of what happens in your business venture. The old saying “you lose control you lose your rear” is 100% correct when marketing online.

Your next major hurdle is to find a mentor who is a professional marketer who will work with you in your learning process. Find someone who will listen to you and understands your personal needs and is willing to work with you one on one if necessary. Now comes the fun part which may be sometimes challenging for some but manageable with proper training.

We will discuss here only a few of the various methods of promoting your business opportunity however, you can read some of my other articles discussing various marketing techniques that will help you on your road to a successful marketing future. There are over 200 articles for your review at so feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed and get the information delivered right to your desktop each time a new article is published.

I have had tremendous results with blogs and this aspect of marketing could be one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money online if done correctly. Your blogs can be quite short in content or may be even longer versions if it fits your style. It doesn’t make a difference regarding the length of the writing as much as what you present in the content of your writings. Marketing Articles is fast becoming the promotional choice for many of the big names in online marketing.

An article can contain enough information for multiple blogs. Either way you’re getting the information about your product or service in front of online users. Marketing articles is a powerful way to promote any product online with a very simple low key approach. The internet is all about information and there are billions of searches on the internet every day. We have become a society that uses digital marketing in more and more of our choices every day. This is evident with the vast number of people that use online banking for all their financial needs.

By devoting some time to writing articles on a regular basis you can build social networks, advertising programs, newsletters and the possibilities are endless. The building of your business is like building a house. If you have a good foundation the winds can blow, the rain can come down in torrents and your house is still standing.

The same scenario is true with your business. You must build a good foundation for your business to survive all the ups and downs of changing markets, government regulations, employee obligations and more. This foundation can be built by providing good information to your user list on a regular basis. You are constantly building relationships in your business not only for your immediate financial needs but also for the future needs of you, your family and your business.

Some experts say “don’t expect a return on your investment of time and money in a blog for at least 12 months or more.” I personally have had good results with some of my blogs in just a few weeks. When blogging and writing articles you must look at the whole picture as a long term commitment and if you are fortunate to have above average success in a shorter time frame, that’s a bonus, you obviously done something right.

If you don’t know how to blog or write articles, then today is an excellent time to start this process. You learn to write …. by writing. Sharing information online is what it’s all about and the easiest, most affordable way to do that is by writing.

Larry L Miller – SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting clients to “Top Positions on Google” and other leading search engines. Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Systems. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121

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