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Twitter Marketing – Gain the fast advantage with these 54 Twitter tips

How to Get More Followers with these 54 Twitter tips 

Twitter is the 13th global site today. After more than 1 year of experimentation, here is a compilation of tips for use, that I recommend you to improve your own service experience.

Be Generous
1. Promote other people and their content more than you promote  yourself.
2. Retweet quality content that you find to others (citing the source of course)
3. But retweet moderately and selectively. You will be known (and recognized) by the content of your tweets. So send only quality content in order to add value to your followers.
4. Join the # followfriday to tell your followers who are the quality twitters.
5. Be selective in the recommendations that you made for # followfriday.

6. Thank those who retweet your recommend in # followfriday.
7. Praise others for their work and their quality content.

8. You can score big points by showing that you have read published content and adding value.

9. When you identify a connection between 2 people who can make sense, put them in touch. Make the go!

10. When retweet others content you’re on your way to develop your relationship but do not forget to also help yourself with the quality original content. 11. Occasionally, talk to a person of quality that you follow and which brings much added value with his tweets. Apply yourself to explain specifically why you are recommending this person.Unlike # followfriday is a way to make an unexpected act of kindness that will surprise the person you mention and which will cross the value in your network.

Be a resource

12. Search and distribute the information of your tweets. 13. Subscribe to Google Alerts to stay informed about the topics and keywords of interest and relevant for your followers. 14. Use Youtube as a search engine tutorials.These videos can be content with strong added value to send to your followers.By the way, you discover people creating interesting content on your interests. 15. When you find someone who creates content for quality, look in the archives to find the pearls to share with your followers. 16.One way to find permanent new sources of content is to subscribe to RSS one or more keywords on google blog search (and / or technorati). 17. You must make your personal mark on the content you create and distribute.The more you give of interesting content, the more people will identify you as a resource. 18. Ask to be retweet (saying please). This will increase your retweetability drastically. 19.Obviously if you do not retweet person do not be surprised if nobody  retweet you. 20. Be careful though not to do too often and not for anything. Book this kind of application only for the content of very high quality. 21. Use to shorten URLs.Tweetburner allows you to track the number of times your link has been shortened open. 22. Create informative videos (and / or screencast) and then tweet them.This way, you enrich your presence and allow your audience to get closer to you from an exclusive content-rich and original. 23.Use headings of tweets that draw attention to increase their openness.The lists of items like “7 ways to …” or “How to …” are still very popular and generates more clicks than securities standards.

Use a good Twitter client
24. is really my favorite tweeter client yet. 25. Create a column for your TOP list members twitters to follow.This list will consist of essential always adding quality content and you will make them stand out from the mass of people who “Twitter for everything and for nothing.” 26. However, take a look anyway to those outside this list because at any moment they may become new sources of content and qualify for the toplist. 27. You can create additional columns for all the interest groups around you and you want to track in particular. 28. Tweetdeck also allows you to post your message directly on Facebook (if you have not yet synchronized your application status with  Facebook). 29. Also create additional columns to track the keywords you want.

Sell via Twitter
30. Give more than you expect to receive.Send at least 3 or 4 informative tweets about created / discussed content by others for each tweet you send for your personal promotion. 31. Do not spam on Twitter.Your followers can you let go at any moment (and they will). They can also block, which may end in an outright ban of Twitter. 32. Twitter is a very interesting tool to make “forward sale”. Rather send your followers on a page that explains what you think / you recommend a product rather than on the product page or direct purchase . 33. If you do not do what I said above, your followers will surely like it’s spam.

Network on Twitter
34. Put your URL on your Twitter Blog page on your Facebook, Linkedin, in your email signature and on your business card wherever you may want to get in touch with your most followed.
35. Try crossing your networks and synchronize them. Try to retain your followers as a subscriber to your blog, on your twitter contacts or on other social networks…
36. Don’t miss the opportunities to meet your followers IRL (In Real Life).
37. Find Twitter local users using the geographical search of Twitter or with
38. is also a great site to find targeted users  in relation to your interests.
39.Your goal to twitter (or any social media platform) is to create conversations. You can’t achieve this if your tweets are simply marketing tweets.
40. Try to find people who share a common focus. Use entering your keywords and subscribing to RSS feeds available on research. Follow them, they may follow you back. If you tweet quality content you will have more reciprocity and may even your content will be retweet ,wich will probably bring  you new followers.
41 Find the “influential” in your area of interest on Twitter and follow them. Maybe they will follow you or not but your positive react to their valuable content  will attract their attention.
42. When you find “influential” in your area, take a look at who they follow to find others with same interests. If you establish connections with their network, they will be better able to establish a new connection with you.
43. Synchronize  distribution of your content  using the Facebook  application to extend the area of communication.
44. Think to retweet old items because someone may be interested, if you identify a discussion on.
45. Create a professional background to your twitter profile. You can do it yourself or you can use a service like
46. Tweet often but not to much. More tweets will increase the chances to be followed. Be careful to not  fall into “the tweet after tweet”, without providing real added value.
47. Learn to listen on Twitter to see what others want to send you . It’s a great deal to capture the trends before anyone else. Lately Twitter has the keywords most often mentioned in the sidebar pages.
48. Do not give up too quickly.Many people do not see the benefit of combining the tools and very often a  see in using Twitter a waste of time. Here’s a secret: no one picks up right away the power of the tool but after some practice time Twitter offers a tremendous advantage in your market.
49. Listen and learn. If you tweet more you read and click on content made by others, you probably miss something. Twitter may be the best learning experience and discover content of your life.
50. Remember that when you use Twitter, you’re networking as you would while disconnected. The rules remain the same. Be generous, create value, make friends and always give more than you expect to receive.
51. Be sure to keep a ratio following / followers less than or equal to 1. Having many followers is usually a guarantee of quality unless the person is much more than people who did follow in return. Make sure to always have more followers than the number of people you follow.Unfollow those who aren’t following you back with Twitter Follower.
52. Follow many. I’ve been advised to be selective in the people I follow in my own interests. Now I suggest you to  expand your sphere beyond your usual niche and follow people with diverse and varied interests.Why? Because it will enrich your life and you learn things that you would probably never discovered otherwise (serendipity you said?). And you may learn things that you can implement in your own sphere of interest.

53. Use reliable Twitter additional tools and resources if you want to have more productivity and  make big money, with your Twitter account.
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June 18, 2020 - Reading time: 9 minutes