Top FREE Alternatives To Windows Operating Systems - Why Linux is Better?

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Are you sick and tired Microsoft Windows that makes your computer slower and keep asking you to update the software takes hours or even the entire day?

Would you like to stop Microsoft Windows spying on your computer files and tracking your computer activities?   

Why do you have to have spend more money to keep upgrading your computer for Windows 10?
What if I tell you there is another better operating system that will make your computer runs 10 times faster and it’s totally FREE!!

It’s called Linux!


You may be wondering if Linux is so great why not many people know about this yet?
That’s because they a don’t a have Million Dollar budget for advertising and they didn’t pay the computer manufacturers to pre-install Linux on the computers that you bought.


In this tutorial, we’ve selected 5 Linux distributions that will give you the best possible Windows-desktop experience on Linux.

There are other 10 different operating system software for that you can use for your computer or laptop

Linux is so far the best operating system. 

  1. Chromium OS
  2. FreeBSD: The Free Operating System That Isn’t Linux
  3. FreeDOS
  4. Illumos
  5. ReactOS
  6. PrimeOS: A Free Android OS for PC
  7. MorphOS: an Alternative OS for Old Macs

September 20, 2022 - Reading time: 5 minutes