How Much Time Do You Need to Manage an Amazon Seller Account Successfully

February 16, 2024   Amazon Advertising
How Much Time Do You Need to Manage an Amazon Seller Account Successfully

Managing an Amazon Seller Account successfully involves several tasks that require regular attention.
Unlike Ebay or your own website, Selling on Amazon is not a Set and Forget Strategy.

The moment you are NOT looking into your Amazon Seller account for 1 week, multiple things can go wrong such as:

1. Running out of stock (organic sales rank dropped)

2. Your product got a few negative reviews (sales go down)

3. Your product lost the buy box (sales goes to zero)

4. Overspending on Advertising because the performance went down

5. Your product listing got hijacked (stolen) by an unknown seller

6. You got a serious complain from a customer who filed a A-Z Claim

7. Product listing got de-activated because Amazon changed the policy

the list goes on and on....

Here's a general breakdown of key tasks and the estimated time required for each:


Task 1: Product Listing Optimization + Brand Content Creation:

1. Create Amazon Listing  (30 Minutes)

2. Keyword Research (1 hour)

3. Title Optimization  ( 1 hour)

4. Create and Upload 7 Images with a story (6 hours)

5. Write Bullet Point  (3 hours)

6. Create A+ or Enhanced Brand Content (16 hours)

Total 27.5 hours for each product

Task 2. Create 3 Advertising Campaigns

Each Advertising Campaigns has different settings such as:
- selecting the right bid, target keywords, target competitors ASINS

(30 minutes to 1 hour for each campaign)

  Total 3 hours for three ads campaigns



Task 3:  Inventory Management:

        Monitor inventory levels and reorder stock as needed: 1-2 hours per week fo

        Manage FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) inventory, including shipments and restocking: 1-2 hours per week


Task 4: Pricing and Promotion Strategy:

        Analyze competitor pricing and adjust prices accordingly: 1-2 hours per week

        Plan and execute promotional campaigns (e.g., discounts, coupons): 2-3 hours per campaign


Task 5:  Customer Service and Feedback Management:

        Respond to customer inquiries and messages promptly: 1-2 hours per day

        Monitor and manage product reviews and seller feedback: 1 hour per day


Task 6: Performance Monitoring and Analysis:

        Track sales performance, including revenue, profit margins, and trends: 1-2 hours per week

        Analyze advertising ROI (Return on Investment) and adjust strategies accordingly: 1-2 hours per week


Task 7: Compliance and Policy Adherence:

        Stay updated on Amazon's policies and guidelines: 1 hour per week

        Ensure compliance with Amazon's terms of service and regulations: Ongoing


Task 8:  Account Health and Optimization:

        Monitor account health metrics (e.g., Order Defect Rate, Late Shipment Rate): 1 hour per week

        Optimize product listings and strategies based on performance data: 1-2 hours per week


Task 9:  Tax and Financial Management:

        Track sales and expenses for tax reporting purposes: 1-2 hours per month

        Ensure compliance with tax regulations and requirements: Ongoing


Task 10:  Expansion and Growth Initiatives:

        Research new product opportunities and market trends: 2-3 hours per week

        Plan and execute strategies for scaling the business (e.g., expanding product lines, entering new markets): Ongoing


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