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Telemarketing Lead Generation – These 4 lead tips work great

Telemarketing Lead Generation – These 4 lead Tips Still work great

As much as you might hate receiving unsolicited calls, fact is that telemarketing can be a great way to generate leads and sales for your business. Despite the fact that Do-Not-Call directories are becoming more and more prevalent, telemarketing is still a viable lead generation method in 2020.

Most businesses, however, make the mistake of cold-calling without any idea of their target audience. This is like marching blind into a battlefield, without evening knowing how your own weapons are supposed to function. Therefore, before you start any telemarketing campaign, you need to really sit down and figure out your goals, your target audience, your message, etc.

Remember that if you violate Do-Not-Call regulations too often you could get your business into serious legal trouble. Therefore, there are a few things you should keep in mind before embarking on a campaign.

1. First of all, lay down in detail the goal of the call.
Are you trying to make a sale? Generate a lead? Do you want to fix up a future appointment with your prospect? Unless you know what exactly you want out of your cold call, you will have little idea how to achieve it.

2. Don’t Expect Instant Results:
Few, if any marketers make a sale with the first call itself. The first call is just a way to introduce your product to the prospect, and maybe pique his interest in your offering. It is a way to familiarize him with your offering. So don’t expect to go an a campaign and expect every prospect to sign up at the drop of a hat: you’ll have to work over several days and weeks to turn a prospect into a loyal customer.

3. Know Your Target Audience 
This is a huge point, one that most marketers don’t pay enough attention to. If you are marketing a new broadband connection, would it make more sense to sell it to a 25 year old university graduate, or a 60 year old retired construction worker? Work closely with market demographics to figure out who would want your product, and why they would want it. Once you’ve picked your target audience, you will find it much easier to market to them, knowing that what you sell is exactly what they seek.

4. Know Your Message:
The first few words in the call are crucial. It is within the first 30 seconds that you will actually build interest in the prospect. Unless your message can get his attention, you will lose the prospect. So pay careful attention to your message, especially the first 30 seconds. It can have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

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June 18, 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes