Top 9 SEO WordPress Plugins To Increase Search Engine Ranking and Boost Sales

June 18, 2020   FBA

WordPress Plugins – My top 9 plugins revealed to Boost Google SEO Ranking

One of the advantages of blogging with WordPress blogging software is the option of using WordPress plugins.

These plugins give us additional functionality within the WordPress software – giving us the ability to put our blogging on autopilot.

Here’s my recommended… must-have list of nine WordPress plugins I use myself to enhance my WordPress blog (listed in order of importance):

All in One SEO Pack – This is my all-time favorite WordPress plugin.

It adds automatic search engine optimization options into each WordPress post… ultimately attracting visitors to your blog almost automatically.

I say almost automatically because there are three empty fields to fill out for each post you make:

– Webpage title

– Meta description

– Meta keywords

When you fill out these the right way, you’re going to get a lot more clicks from search engine results to your blog post.

WP Auto Tagger – -This plugin automatically scans your blog post and looks for popular keyword phrases. It takes these phrases and creates a backup search engine friendly duplicate page.

Don’t fret about the technical details of this plugin. All I can say is that after checking my blog stats, a large majority of my search engine referrals come as a result of WP Auto Tagger creating these tags.

Google XML Sitemaps – This amazing WordPress plugin generates a special Google-friendly sitemap every night helping you get your blog post noticed by search engine spiders and bots.

Google XML Sitemaps creates a file called “sitemap.xml” — an A to Z index listing the details of each blog post. For example, mine is found at:

Submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo! and Bing and watch your blog content show up faster in these popular search engines.

AdSense Now! – If you’re not making money with your blog, you should.

And Google AdSense is the fastest and easiest way to make money I’ve ever tested
(when you put my AdSense secrets into action, that is).

The AdSense Now! plugin makes it a breeze to add Google AdSense revenue sharing into your blog… just install the plugin, copy and paste your AdSense code and configure the positioning settings to display your ads between your blog post’s headline and content:

Top: Center

Middle: Suppress

Bottom: Suppress

WordPress Mobile Pack – Let’s face it, you’re missing out on a HUGE audience if you don’t tweak your WordPress blog to fit on a mobile device.

It’s estimated that 34 million people can’t read your blog — and that’s just the number of iPhones sold in the fourth quarter of 2009.

It’s nearly impossible to see your blog on any mobile phone… forcing your mobile visitors to scroll left to right… squinting to read your super-small fonts. Most mobile users are going to flee your blog if it’s hard to see.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

… The WordPress Mobile Pack plugin “mobilizes” your WordPress blog… automatically. The plugin senses a mobile device and automatically switches to a leaner mobile display.

Even better, there’s a free option to have your blog listed on mpexo, a directory of mobile-friendly blogs — opening up a new audience to view your new easy-on-the-eyes site.

W3 Total Cache – WordPress is great, but it’s notoriously slow loading. It takes many many seconds just to start to see your blog content display.

In today’s world, speed is everything. If your site doesn’t display in a second or so, your visitor clicks to your competitor.

The good news is this WordPress plugin DRAMATICALLY improves the speed of your blog by adding page and database caching which displays your blog faster.

wpuntexturize – By default, most WordPress themes add “graphic embellishments” to your blog posts… that includes those sometimes fancy curly quotes.

You’ve probably seen the problem frequently… you go to read a blog post and it’s riddled with question marks and other weird characters. This happens when a blogger copies and pastes content from another blogger with curly quotes.

This simple plugin prevents WordPress from making HTML entity code substitutions of single and double quotation marks with their curly alternatives.

TweetMeme Retweet Button – This WordPress plugin displays the popular TweetMeme badge next to each blog post you submit… making it easy for your visitors to post your content to their Twitter account.

But the best part is a snippet of your blog posts gets automatically submitted to TweetMeme’s followers — giving you an instant and automatic SEO benefit at the same time.

Broken Link Checker – Search engine robots and spiders don’t like it when your hyperlinks to recommended sources are outdated and don’t work.

This WordPress plugin checks your posts (while you’re sleeping) for broken links and missing images. If there’s an issue, you’re notified in your WordPress dashboard just after logging in.

Final tip – There’s no reason to struggle on your own and figure out the best WordPress plugins to use. If you’re ready to put the power of blogging into action, you might want to grab these additional blogging tips, techniques and methods.

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