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Online Banner Ads – 5 tips to improve your banner ad success

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Online Banner Ads – 5 tips to improve your banner ad success

23 April 2010 Posted by: Guest Blogger

Want to Improve Your Banner Click-Throughs?

Here Are Five Tips Marketing online with banners are a great way to make money. However, it’s not very easy to get customers to actually click-through with your banners.

To help you make the most money with your banners, here are five great tips.

Tip #1: Use Animated Banners

Most of the time animated banners (banners with something moving or flashing) outperform static banners (banners without any movement at all) by a margin of two to one. So you want at the very least to have words flashing or sliding in and out of the banner.

Tip #2: Shorten and Improve Your Headlines

Let’s face it: the headline does all the work for you. It either makes or breaks your banner. But that doesn’t mean you try to pack too much into the headline. In fact, you want to keep it short and powerful. Get right to the point, make sure you include a major benefit, and get the potential customer to click by using the fewest words possible.

Tip #3: Load your Banner with Action Words

Your potential customers aren’t going to do anything unless you ask them to. That means you have to include action words in the banner either in the headline or just after it. These actions words include words and phrases like: “act now”, “click here”, and “get your free product now”.

Tip #4: Start Using Better Designs

Unless you’re a graphics designer, this could be a tough order for you. However, there is actually some really great software packages out there now that will help you improve the looks of your banners. Or you can hire a professional to create the banners but that can be quite expensive, especially to hire someone who really knows his/her stuff.
In general, you should usually go with a little bit larger of a banner so that it get’s noticed easily. A good size to use is usually 468×60 pixels.

Tip #5: Be Sure to Target the Right Customers

You can have the perfect banner but if you don’t put it on the right sites then you won’t get any results. So it’s important that you target customers who will actually be interested in what you’re offering.

In other words, if you’re selling sports equipment you don’t want to place your banner on a site made for artists. Be sure to research each site and choose carefully.
Some Final Thoughts

Just as you research sites before you decide where to place them, you should closely monitor the performance of your banners after you place them. Don’t be afraid to try different things with your banners. And you also want to have two banners promoting the same product so you can test them against each other. Also rotate the different banners in and out so that they continue to grab the attention of repeat visitors as well as new visitors.

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