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Internet Business Scams – Truth about blowing the whistle on scams

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Internet Business Scams – Truth about blowing the whistle on scams

20 November 2010 Posted by: Markus Allen

The number of internet business scams continues to grow exponentially as more and more people look to the internet as a replacement to the job they’ve just lost.

Logically, you’d think there would be lots of people screaming about these scams, but the reality is virtually no one is.

Many weeks ago, Ryan Healy emailed me a rough draft of his just-released post about Jeff Walker and his lame attempt of damage control. The post is amazing. It’s dead on. You’d think the world would be buzzing about it (because Ryan has earned a reputation of being very fair and level minded)…

… Yet my prediction is his post is going to raise a bit of a firestorm over the next week, then go silently into the abyss of the internets (typo intended).

I’ve been screaming about these frauds for almost 10 years and admittedly it hurt my bank account. I thought I was doing the right thing and the angry mob would follow. They didn’t. Even to this day, the angry mob is still silent (relatively speaking).

Because let’s be totally honest, shall we… being a whistleblower is virtual suicide (especially when you do it alone).

When you call out these criminals, they use the Delphi Technique to destroy you… to make fun of you… to tag you as a kook or a loon or a conspiracy theorist. Yet at the end of the day, the evidence shows that these criminals are just that — criminals. Just about everything they’ve been accused of turns out to be true.

Sure, I’ve seen a few dozen people who were angry enough to blog and “tweet” about these pied pipers (those who lead us to failure), but that’s not enough to scare these criminals into delivering real stuff. If you notice, they’ve been virtually left unscathed. These “cockroaches” just reengineer their roles… pretend to retire… then reappear behind the scenes (like Mark Joyner and Perry Belcher and John Reese).

I just came back from speaking at “Doberman” Dan’s Orlando seminar. The room was packed, and I asked how many followed the SaltyDroid… more than 3 out of every 4 people raised their hand. That was both awesome and sad at the same time as I’d bet some of those are still going to purchase blatantly obvious fraudulent crap. That is so unbelievable to me, but it is what it is. How in the world can you even entertain buying from these criminals when the fraud is on video… on tape… and even on now-publicly-released court documents?

The “guru of all gurus” Dan Kennedy even ADMITTED the con on YouTubeit was SO disgusting to me I had it transcribed:

“The truth of the matter is… as uncomfortable as it may be for some people… we’re really in the psychological manipulation business. That’s really what we’re doin’.”

And he goes on by saying:

“But now having said that, really this is all about manipulating the psychology of the customer. We manipulate his fears, we manipulate his anxieties, we manipulate his resentments, we manipulate his secret desires, we manipulate all sorts of inner things in order to overcome his complacency… inertia… skepticism… unwillingness to spend money… on and on and on… in order to get him to give us money in exchange for goods or services.”

Hey Dan… pound sand you overrated piece of filth. And there you have it folks, your “guru” is giving us all a bad name.

I don’t need to manipulate my prospect to get them to buy my bottled water when they’re thirsty. I just have to show up with a cold bottle at a fair price.

I don’t need to manipulate my prospect to get a homeowner to hire me to install a new deck. I just have to show up with a stack full of testimonial letters (and again have a fair price).

I don’t need to manipulate my prospect to get them to buy gas for their car… I just have to show up with a smile and do things just a little bit better than the guy across the street… even a couple of pennies per gallon cheaper.

I could go on and on. But when you’re a psychopath, you need to resort to Dan Kennedy-style nonsense to fleece the public. That’s giving our industry a bad name. And by bowing at the feet of Dan Kennedy, you’re enabling him to fool you into thinking he’s some marketing god. Trust me, he’s not as marketing savvy as he’d like you to think. (I understand his bank account isn’t as bloated as he’d like you to think.)

The bottom line is if people don’t care about themselves enough to see the obvious fraud in our industry (internet marketing), why should I care about them? Seriously. (Note to self: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.)

Most of the influencers in our industry are SILENT on this issue. The Warrior Forum continues to delete any reference to these crimes. Alphabet agencies have bigger fish to fry. The Better Business Bureau is a scam in disguise and actually covers up these criminal’s actions as long as they show the “dough ray me.”

It’s the Delphi Technique, folks. Never forget it. We’ve been had by a clique of criminals.

I officially give up… let the masses continue to buy overpriced magic bullets in a box. Let the profane continue to pay a “stupid tax” on instant internet dreams and the idea of early retirement. After all, buyers of this junk need to also take responsibility, too. There’s an “endless parade” of evidence showing the vast majority of infoproducts are rehashed nonsense that doesn’t work (and never ever worked). But if the “sheeple” want to continue to have faith in the scams, then I say let them have it.

I’m done. The “syndicate” is winning. It’s time to move on. The criminals continue to win. My white flag is out. Back to helping my members get more customers.

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