Top 5 Powerful Ways To Increase Amazon SEO Ranking

It is no longer news that Amazon is the giant of e-commerce. As of October 2021, a Statista report has it that Amazon accounted for 41% of the U.S. e-commerce sector, making it the leading online retailer in the country by a far distance. Consequently, many manufacturers are venturing into selling products on Amazon as Amazon’s sale conversion rate is the highest in the world e-commerce sector. But, if you want to reach more customers and maximize your sales on Amazon, you have to pay attention to the peculiarities of Amazon’s search engine optimization(SEO) ranking.

The Amazon, search ranking system is quite different from Google's. Amazon has an A9 algorithm that is based on relevance and performance. With Amazon, the truth is that you would not maximize sales if your target customers cannot see or find your products quickly. So, you need to implement techniques to rank your products higher. Let us then consider five tips on how you can optimize your Amazon product listings using ranking tips based on relevance and performance.


1. Do Keyword Research For Your Products. The very first tip to increase your SEO ranking at Amazon is conducting thorough keyword research. Amazon’s keyword research is relatively similar to Google’s, but the difference is in Amazon's more buyer-focused attributes. Just like you are doing keyword research for any search engine, you must focus on long-tail keywords. These keywords are those that contain three or more words. On Amazon, shoppers search for products using long-tail keywords. So, you do not want to miss out on potential customers by failing to use long-tail keywords. You have to add the most relevant words related to your product(s) in your product listings.


To help you find just the right and most relevant keywords for your Amazon products, you could use the free SEO keyword tool, Sonar. This keyword research tool is especially effective at Amazon because it focuses specifically on shoppers’ keywords. This tool shows you the volume of each keyword on Amazon, and you, in turn, use that to measure relevance. After selecting the most relevant keywords, you do not stop there. You should proceed to use these keywords in your product titles and descriptions. This will improve your appearance rate in the search result for those keywords.


2. Product Title Optimization. The format in which your product title appears has a crucial effect on your Amazon product rankings in the search results. What are you to do? Simply make sure that you insert all the key elements into your product title. The effective Amazon format for creating your product title is (Brand) (Feature) material) (Key ingredients) (Product type) (Model number) (Size) (Package Count) (Color) (Flavor). Use this format as applicable to your product as it aids the ease with which shoppers find your product(s).


In your title formation, make sure you place the most relevant keyword first before the others. This also helps your product appear in the most relevant search results.


3. Product pricing. Pricing is another factor to consider in a bid to improve your Amazon SEO ranking. In simple and plain words, you won’t rank high if your products are overpriced. Of course, the goal of every manufacturer is to make a profit, but not exorbitant ones because it would affect your SEO ranking there. If you are selling a product for $200 and your competitors are selling the same at $80 -$95, you are not doing your product listing any good. Your product might not even get listed at all – it is too expensive.


You should compare the prices of your competitors' listing(s) and find a balance. Comparing prices would help you get a better idea of how to price your product(s). Remember, shoppers would not buy your overpriced products when they have lower-priced options.


4. Use product descriptions to point out product highlights. Of course, you want to feel your potential customers all about the benefits of your products – this way, you sure have a lot to say about the product. To sell your product based on the benefits, it is important to break down the benefits of your product into highlights. This is important because many shoppers are impatient to read bulky product descriptions.


The best way to do an effective breakdown is to use highlights or bullet points. This way, your product benefits are easy to read and precise. You tend to convert sales better when you use precise, quality product highlights to summarize your product’s benefit(s). As a result, you improve your SEO ranking due to good conversion rates.


5. Manage your product reviews. Reviews are very crucial to your SEO rankings and eventual sales on Amazon – they can be the reason why shoppers buy your product or not. For Amazon, most products that rank top in the searches usually have four or more stars -meaning they are products that people enjoy. You should encourage your customers to leave you a review by using effective review request techniques. 


Now, when shoppers leave you reviews, there is a likelihood that you’d have some negative ones. You should manage these negative reviews by responding to them – asking what went wrong, apologizing, and profer solutions. If a product is broken or damaged, offer to replace such, and also respond to any question. This way, you are building the confidence of those shoppers in you, and they’d take topics such as unfortunate one-time occurrences. You get to retain these customers and also get more referrals.



A high SEO ranking on Amazon is always equivalent to high sales conversion. You do well to implement these tips accordingly as your particular product demands. Always remember, the importance of relevant keywords cannot be over-emphasized. Take your time to do thorough keyword research, do not generalize. Also, keep it informative and straightforward by using concise product descriptions that drive home the point. You are sure to rank higher and, importantly, convert more sales.

December 13, 2021 - Reading time: 19 minutes