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How to make money from writing

How to make money from writing

frustrated writer

I’ve got some good news and bad news for you…

The bad news is you’ve been lied to – writers are told the Great American Dream of getting paid to write about their passions was a surefire way to make a nice living and early retirement.

But the reality is you have to be asleep to believe this dream.

How’s it working out for you these days? You write your tail off yet you’re probably poor as dirt… in debt and desperate just to rub two nickels together. The reality is writing is a S L O W way to never-ending stress and poverty, right?

I was an absolute FAILURE
almost all of my adult life as a writer…

I did it all… I started off writing a book but many had their hand in my cookie jar – everyone from book publishers to photographers to editors to distributors. By the time I got paid, I made less than a buck on a $20.00 book.

Next, I did the absolute dumbest thing ever – I took on clients as a freelance copywriter. Holy crap was that insane. By the time my response-pulling ad copy was sifted by committees and egos, my writing was diluted into something resembling writing by first grader. It was political correctness gone awry. Even worse, these clients hated to pay my invoice on time (or if at all).

But the absolute worst “writing assignment” I took on was publishing my words on the internet. They claim, “Just write a blog about your passion and the money will follow.” OMG is this nonsense. Every other day my email was stuffed with dozens (no joke… dozens) of affiliates pimping some $2,000.00 shiny magic bullet system to instant internet riches. And as you probably know, these expensive courses were full of fluff, lies and total garbage.

The reality is the only ones making money writing are those who sell writers stuff on how to make money. There’s actually a phrase for this – it’s called shovel sellers… for it wasn’t the gold diggers that got rich, it was the people SELLING the shovels who made it big.

Bottom line: I wasted nearly all of my adult life chasing down the dream of converting my writing into cash.

My stuggles ended in October of 2003

The Fall of 2003 literally changed my life for the good – take a looksy:

As you see, Google’s AdSense program netted me a whopping $4.11.

It wasn’t the first dollar I made online, but it was the first time I made “set-it-and-forget-it” money online.

That’s right. I merely published content on my website (in fact sometimes I borrow other people’s content), placed a group of classified ads next to my writing and some clicked on these ads.

HOLY CRABBIE PATTIES was this awesome!

This was truly an amazing concept for me as it started me off doing the exact same thing I’m doing today – I’m publishing my stuff over the internet once… and getting paid for it over and over again.

Ever since 2003, I’ve been tweaking and tinkering my system so that anyone with writing ability can publish their content over the Internet just once, and get paid for it day after day… year after year without end.

Every time I publish my words, I make cash

It’s true. Whenever I click the [Publish] button, I get paid. No exceptions. Every time.

The good news is turning words in cash is reality (when I reveal my secret). I help frustrated book authors, impatient bloggers and struggling freelance copywriters create online infoproducts and sell their content for cash.

Unlike traditional writing careers, the system I created works in any industry, in any country and is affordable for everyone to start up.

I created this system for myself. I use it every single day (even weekends and holy days). And as a result, I turn my writing into PayPal cash virtually on demand.

Would you like to see EXACTLY how I do it? Of course you do – click on any of the links below that best describes you:

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