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Get Traffic Free – Amazing secrets to funnel traffic to your website

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Get Traffic Free – Amazing secrets to funnel traffic to your website

17 November 2011 Posted by: Markus Allen Comments Off

For years I’ve been singing the praises of getting traffic free from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

But take a look at this chart I took a few moments ago:

Get Traffic Free TraceWatch

The chart above is a one-year graph showing my search engine referrals from Google.

Now before October 13th, all was great. As you see, the graph was steadily marching higher and higher – gradually. I like that…

… But then out of nowhere Google slapped me (for the first time ever). And for the last month or so, traffic averaged about 30% normal levels. (The good news is it’s rising back to normal levels).

A lot of my subscribers are upset about this…

… But for me, it really doesn’t matter much, because I get my traffic from a wide VARIETY of sources. I actually get my biggest competitors sending me free internet traffic. Yep, it’s true… and I have a guy half my age across the pond in the UK who showed me how to do it.

I featured him back in February. Here’s what I said about him earlier this year in my email alert to my subscribers:

Does this guru suck?

If you’ve subscribed to my email alerts since
November of 1997, you know I throw just
about every “guru” and “expert” under the bus.

They suck. Seriously. They blow
and offer awful money-making advice –
no matter what the price tag.

But yesterday, I stumbled upon a life-changing discovery.
And I don’t hype.

His name is James A. Penn. And everyone
marketing their online business should
get to know this guy.

What’s remarkable is he’s just 21 years old…
a university student from “across the pond”.
And he already earns a full-time income
using part-time techniques.

Penn just released a new ebook that’s sick…

… Sick as it’s the most comprehensive
guide to online profits I’ve ever read.

I’m embarrassed to say it’s even better
than the information I publish to you.

And it’s also sick because it’s less than $10.

You must order this right now… right here… without delay:

You must pay attention to this because
you’re going to pick up 2 major takeaways:

#1: How to setup a funnel to attract
precisely-qualified buyers to visit your website.

If you only buy this ebook to see how he
choreographs you through the buying experience,
it’s worth 10 times the asking price for this alone.

No joke. It’s brilliant. The sales funnel is just AMAZING.

And unless you really pay attention, you have no
idea how Penn cleverly guides you to
BEG to pay him more money.

I’m stealing many of these new techniques. And I’m going to use
these strategies starting next week (stay tuned).

#2: 50 pages of an endless parade of gold nuggets.
Actually, the ebook is 53 pages, but I can’t recommend
Strategy #3. Yes, you’ll do okay using this tactic,
but the liability is not worth the gain…

… But other than that, this ebook is just phenomenal.

I’d like to think I know a lot about internet marketing,
but this 21-year old college student was schooling me.
I’m taking tons of notes so I can put these strategies
into action right away.

Seriously. Skip that $10 crappy lunch today and
buy this ebook instead.

You’ll thank me for this recommendation.

Click here to get this instantly:

– markus

What’s interesting is I’ve been even more impressed with James since earlier this year. In fact two weeks ago he revealed a genius strategy that’s going to help some of my clients make 6-figure incomes starting in about 3 weeks. (I’m not kidding.) He revealed how to get any competitor to literally BEG to send us their most profitable customers. It works the same day it’s put into action. It costs NOTHING to do it (except a few hours of our time). It’s VERY profitable…

… But the best part is Google could go out of business and this strategy is going to work day after day – for life!

Bottom line: You don’t have to let Google mess around with your livelihood. It’s best to have many different methods and strategies that get you traffic free to your website…

… If you’re a writer (freelance, book author, blogger or online entrepreneur), click here to get my FREE tutorials on how to turn your writing into cash using free traffic methods.

If you’re not a writer, but you’re a marketing junkie (like me), you might be interested in joining my private club.

Finally, if you’re a paid member, today’s Stump Markus is going to be all about finding alternative ways to get free traffic (that doesn’t solely rely on Google).

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