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Get More Traffic – How to get new visitors to your website with Google and YouTube

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Get More Traffic – How to get new visitors to your website with Google and YouTube

5 April 2012 Posted by: Markus Allen Comments Off

As website owners and marketers, we’re always on the lookout to get more traffic to our blogs and sites.

But the old tried and true methods aren’t working anymore.

In the past, web marketers could rely on 100 different ways to get more traffic to their sites. Unfortunately, those days are over.

For example:

Pay per click is almost 1,000% more expensive than just six years ago. And “Quality Scores” almost neuter our ability to convert visitors into leads (or customers). Even worse, Google and Facebook are banning us from paying for traffic – often without giving us notice (or the reason why we’re banned).

Social media marketing is impossible to rely on. I’ve tracked Twitter clickthru rates for years and they’re embarrassingly low. For example, when Oprah “tweets” to her 10 million Twitter followers, less than a few thousand actually click onto her recommendations. That’s brutally bad. And it’s an unreliable traffic source because many “follow” just so you follow them back.

Mobile marketing is certainly growing, but it’s still not very responsive. Most still prefer their computers to take action (like subscribe to an optin or buy something).

Even FREE organic traffic (i.e. search engine referrals) is getting hit hard these days. Real hard. Even if your site is rich in content and doesn’t employ a single black-hat scheme, many sites are getting “de-indexed” (i.e. your website’s pages are getting deleted from showing up in a search result).

Even offline methods are becoming quickly irrelevant. Do you remember that thick stack of pages called the phone book? Even coupon carriers like ValPak are replaced by the online sensation Groupon.

TV ads? Dead. Newspaper advertising? Dead. Telemarketing? Dead.

And what in the world is going on with the postal service? I understand more than half of all bulk-mail processing centers have quietly been shut down.

All marketing channels lead to the Internet, right… but the little guy (like us) is getting “slapped.”

Yikes… every traffic source is dried up –
what do we do now?

Obviously, this is VERY troubling. To get more traffic to your blog (or website) is crucial. It’s the lifeblood of any online marketer. And without leads, we have no buyers to spend money on our stuff.

But while most are complaining about this, I instead focus harder than ever to fix this problem…

… And for me, one of the answers is to focus on the Big G – because Google is the King of this mountain. And whether it’s fair or not, they dictate much of how we survive (and even thrive) into the foreseeable future with our online marketing efforts.

Tap into the second-largest search engine tonight

Did you know Google owns the second largest search engine on the planet? It’s true… Google bought YouTube back in the fall of 2006 (yep, almost six years ago).

And in this video, I reveal four solid and dependable types of YouTube traffic that I’m able to tap into to funnel precisely-targeted visitors to my website:

Click here to see my Fiverr tutorial…

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