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Free Web Site Traffic – Gain new web visits with these tips

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Free Web Site Traffic – Gain new web visits with these tips

10 February 2010 Posted by: Guest Blogger

SOCIAL MEDIA offers marketers an opportunity to significantly increase targeted web traffic to their chosen web site or page. With increased web traffic comes increased profit.

It is my hope that this article will persuade Internet Marketers, not yet involved in SOCIAL MEDIA, to start now. I fear that those who don’t, in 2010, will get left behind.

So, in this article, I am going to briefly cover some of the basics, including:-

+ ‘What is Social Media?’

+ ‘Why you should embrace it (or miss out)?’

+ ‘What Social Media Platforms are there?’

+ ‘Taking a softly softly approach’.


I like to think of SM as Content which is published/posted online, with the intention that the content will be added to, by others, thereby stimulating interaction between people.

Social media is already out there, generating Web traffic. It is great to think that whatever you have to offer is already being discussed somewhere online by people. What are your potential customers discussing and what are the problems for which they need solutions? Because of the interaction involved, Social Media provides the means to better understand the real needs of your marketplace.

On a basic level, Social Media marketing involves positioning yourself so that people can find you. When people who have problems to be solved are ready to purchase and doing their research you want to be there for them – ready with content they will choose to read.


Today, people (increasingly) use Search Engines to find what they want or visit somewhere like Facebook for recommendations. As a result, the power of traditional media has dropped away quite significantly.

On the other hand, businesses/entrepreneurs who have adopted correct Social Media marketing techniques are attracting higher levels of loyal web traffic to their sites and, consequently, significantly boosting profits.

Anyone keen on getting high rankings in the search engines should understand that Search Engines love social media sites because there is a lot of unique content which is frequently being updated. If you use Social Media (Web 2.0) sites to host your content, you will appear in Google more quickly. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and good site content will then ensure you achieve a good ranking and, therefore, a lot of web traffic.


Basically, there are three main ‘threads’ to consider: Networking; Publishing; and Sharing (although in reality the threads overlap).

Sharing sites

Examples of places to ‘share’ include: Slashdot; Digg; Stumble upon; Delicious and Fark.

These sites involve people sharing, with others, content that they have found useful or interesting. Recommendations could relate to bookmarks, links to news stories or web pages etc. So, if your article or page becomes popular, your are likely to get a lot of web traffic!

Publishing sites

Examples of where you can publish content: YouTube; Twitter; Squidoo; Flickr; Wikipedia; Google groups etc

It is no longer enough (or necessary) just to publish content on your website alone. Now you have the opportunity to place it, and even have it placed for you, around the web. You can publish text, photos, videos, micro blogs, articles, comments, reviews etc.

Networking sites

Examples: Facebook; LinkedIn; MySpace; Bebo; and Gather.

Connect with people you already know and look to make new friends. Within those communities it is best to identify smaller groups, networking together to discuss common interests related to your field. Remember to add your link to your email signature, blog etc so that others might join your community.

TAKING A SOFTLY SOFTLY APPROACH. Do not go straight into selling mode. You must first earn respect and trust, as someone who is genuinely trying to help solve their problems.

So, once you have located where your potential customers have gathered, introduce yourself then listen/observe and contribute. There will be many silent observers but try to actually meet people. Ask questions and help answer questions. In answering questions you could take the opportunity to find out what their challenges are. You will soon become known as someone who knows what they are talking about and as a result you will get web traffic to your site and opportunities to (passively) market your products/services.

I know that, in this article, I have only just touched the surface but, hopefully, I am leaving you wanting to know more. I hope that you can see the potential, that Social media marketing has, to greatly boost your targeted web traffic and therefore your profits. If you have not already done so, now is the time to take the plunge. The rewards are well worth the effort.

I wish you every success.

Adrian Norton is an Internet Marketer who really appreciates that without guidance from other marketers he simply could not have achieved success. In turn, Adrian now keenly offers guidance to others wherever possible. Adrian is delighted to make available this Comprehensive FREE Ebook (121 pages) focussing on – How You Can Use Social Media Marketing To Get Lot’s Of Traffic To Your Website.
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