FBA Inventory Storage Limits for New Amazon Sellers Explained

February 15, 2024   FBA
FBA Inventory Storage Limits for New Amazon Sellers Explained

ATTENTION, Especially To All New Amazon Sellers 

When you open an Amazon seller account, please note that there are several restrictions for new sellers. A very important one is the maximum number of products that you can ship to Amazon FBA Warehouse

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How Does Amazon Restrict the Total Number of Products that You can Ship to FBA Warehouse?

Amazon has changed the rules for shipping the total number of products to Amazon Warehouse for Fulfillment (FBA) since Nov 2022


1. When you ship the products to Amazon FBA for the first time, there will be a maximum quantity limit on your Amazon Account. You are not able to ship to Amazon FBA as much as you want to.

2. If you only have one product: Amazon FBA shows the maximum shipment quantity of the product only

3. If you have more than one product: the FBA maximum shipment quantity is NOT counted by the limit of the individual products together, but by the total Restock Limits of your account.


For example:

  • Your maximum shipment quantity for Product A is 50pcs
  • You maximum shipment quantity for Product B is 80pcs.
  • This does NOT mean you can ship all 130pcs to Amazon.
  • Amazon also show the total restock limits is 100pcs.

    That means you can only ship a total amount 100pcs to FBA.

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Check your Business report and Inventory every day to Monitor Your FBA Storage Limit  

Your shipping performance affects your listing SEO ranking, your restock limits, your maximum shipment quantity, etc.

For shipping, make sure all the quantity, size and measurement you fill in are correct.


FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is a great way to automate your shipping and handling of products to customers, but has many other challenges

For new sellers, who often encounter inventory restrictions can be very puzzling at first, but AMZing Marketing Agency can help you.

The FBA inventory restrictions for new sellers, including limitations on the number of products they can send to Amazon's warehouses and how these restrictions can be expanded over time.

Amazon FBA Inventory Restrictions Explained

Initial Inventory Limits:

When new sellers join the Amazon FBA program, they are typically subject to initial inventory limits. These limits are designed to ensure that sellers can manage their inventory effectively and meet customer demand without overwhelming themselves or Amazon's fulfillment centers. These limits are determined based on various factors, including the seller's sales history, performance metrics, and category restrictions.

Restricted Products:

Wait, don’t think you can sell everything on Amazon market place.
Certain products are subject to additional restrictions or require approval before they can be sold through FBA. These restrictions are in place to ensure compliance with legal and safety regulations, protect the integrity of the Amazon marketplace, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Commonly restricted categories include hazardous materials, restricted brands, and products with expiration dates. And for medical devices you need to submit Health Canada license.


Limited Numbers of Products (ASIN’s)

Quantity Limits:

In addition to initial inventory limits, new sellers may also encounter restrictions on the number of units they can send for each ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). These quantity limits vary depending on factors such as product category, sales history, and fulfillment center capacity. Sellers can view their current quantity limits in their Seller Central dashboard under the "Inventory Performance" section.


How to Gradually Increase Your FBA Inventory Limite:

As sellers establish a track record of reliable performance and demonstrate their ability to manage inventory effectively, Amazon may gradually increase their quantity limits. This expansion typically occurs over time as sellers build trust with the platform and consistently meet or exceed performance metrics such as order defect rate (ODR), late shipment rate, and pre-fulfillment cancel rate.

Here is Our Action Plan for You:

Performance Metrics: Amazon evaluates sellers' performance metrics regularly to determine eligibility for quantity limit increases. Maintaining high standards of customer service, fulfilling orders promptly, and minimizing defects or issues with orders are key factors in demonstrating readiness for higher quantity limits.

Requesting Increases: In some cases, sellers may proactively request quantity limit increases if they anticipate a surge in demand or have demonstrated their ability to handle larger volumes of inventory. These requests can be submitted through Seller Central, and Amazon will review them based on the seller's performance history and other relevant factors.

Strategic Planning: Sellers can also optimize their inventory management strategies to maximize their available quantity limits. This may include forecasting demand, strategically replenishing stock, and leveraging Amazon's storage options such as FBA Small and Light for smaller, faster-moving products.


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