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Email Marketing Strategy – This e-mail strategy gets you new customers fast

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Email Marketing Strategy – This e-mail strategy gets you new customers fast

29 December 2009 Posted by: Markus Allen

Let’s face it. Coming up with a fresh email marketing strategy is hard.

We know sending emails can bring in a lot of business and create a buzz in just a mouse click. But we don’t want to upset our prospects by sending out what might be considered email spam.

Even worse, we don’t have the time to brainstorm the perfect email.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s no need to miss out on the benefits of internet email marketing — just take advantage of this nifty email marketing strategy — the FAQ email.

The FAQ email takes zero thought to create. You simply record your prospect’s frequently-asked questions, answer them and send an email to your prospect list.

Here are a few things to consider when creating your next FAQ email:

Group participation

Have everyone keep notes and write down every question asked by prospects and customers.

Once you get a few dozen questions, have someone type those questions into a computer.

What you’re going to find is more than 8 out of 10 questions are going to make up about 10 questions.

Have your salesperson answer the questions

Next, it’s time to answer these questions.

Don’t have your bookkeeper answer these questions… you’re going to bore your recipients.

Instead, have someone with a marketing or salesperson’s mind craft each reply. Keep each answer short and stuffed with benefits and advantages.

Avoid using the word no. At the same time, don’t put the happy face on everything. Admit if something you offer isn’t for everyone… you’re going to win a lot of points with your honesty.

And always point your prospects in the direction to to take an action (e.g. buy your product or subscribe to your newsletter).

Ignore the surveys

Study after study shows two paragraphs in plain-text emails typically generate the highest click thru rates from your email marketing campaign. But this FAQ email strategy is the exception… often generating record-setting click thru rates.

Ask for action often

Remind your recipient often of the action you’re looking to generate… sprinkle the call to action website URL at least twice in your FAQ email.

Create a plausible opening

Here’s the way I start my FAQ emails… feel free to borrow this opening:

Ever since announcing my new service, I’ve been getting a few common questions…

… So instead of sending out the same answers one by one, I thought to compile them and answer them here:

And there you have it. The FAQ email… the fastest and easiest way to send emails without being accused of sending spam.

Final tip:

There’s no reason for you to struggle with coming up with an internet email marketing strategy. If you’re ready to get more customers by email right now, you might want to grab these email marketing tips, techniques and methods.

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