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Customer Pain Points – How to turn pain into profit

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How to turn customer pain points into fast cash

11 August 2011 Posted by: Markus Allen Comments Off

One of the most important exercises to help you promote your online business is to collect a list of your prospect’s pain points.

As the name suggests, pain points are written (and even spoken) “cries for help.”

Collecting a list of pain points helps you understand what your prospects truly desire. Referring to these same pain points in your blog writing and ad copy helps your prospect better relate to your offerings. It almost instantly builds rapport which leads to a higher trust factor.

Take a look at this:

customer pain points

In almost all cases, when you offer solutions to your prospect’s problems (and the price is profitable for both buyer and seller) a purchase is often made.


How to find your prospect’s pain points in mere seconds

There are several places where internet users are offered space to vent about their issues:

– Email
– Twitter (and Facebook)
– Message boards

In most cases, anyone with a computer and internet connection (that would be you) can literally peak over the shoulder of their prospect and listen into these complaints.

I say “most” because I know of no legal, ethical or technical ways to intercept your prospects emails.

(Of course you can be on the receiving end of an email complaint. This is certainly one way to get a pain point, but it’s not exactly the most proactive way to collect pain points.)

But, it’s astonishingly easy to view private conversations within social media sites like Twitter. It takes just 2 clicks of your mouse and you’re in. And it’s 100% legal and legit’, too.

For example, let’s say you write a blog about weight loss. And you want to find pain points to help inspire you to write that next blog post. Just search Twitter using the following formula:

[keywords] frustrated -http

Like this:

customer pain points Twitter search diet

(Adding the search syntax -http removes any website links… those are typically “tweeted” by marketers, not by frustrated Twitter users.)

In less time then it takes me to sneeze, I found these gold nuggets during a Twitter search:

customer pain points Twitter results diet1

And this:

customer pain points Twitter results diet2

And even this:

customer pain points Twitter results diet3

HOLY COW! How awesome is this? Can you see how you can take these pain points and flip them around into ad copy?

For example, turn this:

“Forever frustrated at life because I’m still hungry after breakfast. How am I supposed to stick to my diet.”

And turn it into this benefit bullet:

–> How to stick to your diet without feeling hungry after breakfast.

Turn this pain point:

I’m so frustrated with my moms weight problem: plz give me ur best idea on motivating someone who doesn’t care! #health #diet #weight #fat

And turn it into:

–> 7 fast and easy tactics to get your family members to BEG to join your diet (in 13 hours or less).

This pain point:

I am really getting frustrated trying to find the right diet for working out…

Turns into this benefit bullet:

–> This elite Navy Seals’ diet is PERFECT for those who work out hard and want to gain muscle rapidly…

A MUCH better way to find pain points

Discovering customer pain points via Twitter is cool…

… But using a combination of message boars forums and Google is way better.

Take a look at this example. I discovered this amazing post in just 45 seconds:

customer pain points boards diet

This particular post is a treasure trove of pain points. The entire paragraph is one pain point after another.

Basically, anything that’s either “negative”, references the word “help”, or is in the form of a question – is typically a pain point.

I’ve included only the pain points here:

–> I feel like all I do is talk about losing weight and I don’t ever actually do it.
–> I don’t know where to start or what to do.
–> No matter how many books I read or people I talk to I fail.
–> Coming here reading success stories make me happy but not enough to push me.
–> It just makes me doubt myself and think Ill never do it.
–> Now if only i could get my eatiing on track and stop binging.
–> Im just not sure what else to do.
–> Someone help me.
–> What did you do to start out???

Armed with these pain points, we can either write new content (for a blog or for an article) or create benefits/advantages for our advertising…

… I created a blow-by-blow tutorial on this –
click here to grab my tutorial on how to convert customer pain points into cash-grabbing ad copy

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