How To Create Killer Advertising Campaigns At Amazon to Beat Competitors

Advertising campaigns are a great and effective way to maximize sales conversion on Amazon, which is why about 80% of products on Amazon invest immensely in their advertising campaigns. The competition to sell is tighter, so you have to take your advertising game to the next level. You have to focus on creating ad campaigns that would be effective enough to drive traffic, and most importantly, sales. There are several effective ways to develop such ad campaigns.

Let us consider some of the most effective ones.

• Optimize Your Product Description Page. Many Amazon sellers already know the importance of an optimized product description page in driving sales but choose to ignore it, feeling it is a basic ad campaign tip, and it is overemphasized. But the truth is that, with Amazon, the more optimized your product description page is before sending a paid traffic, the higher sales it will convert. This way, you would be getting more value for your paid adverts, a more cost-effective technique.

How do you pay more attention to optimizing your product description page? Make sure you do thorough SEO keyword search for your product title, description, and features. Your advertising campaigns are likely to be primarily ineffective without the relevant keywords because they would not target keywords that drive traffic.

• Use Amazon-Sponsored Brands. The importance of using Amazon-sponsored brands is to build and improve your brand awareness on Amazon. Sponsored brands tend to appear above the search results, and they help advertisers build that Amazon presence that would be useful for advertising multiple products under a single brand.

Sponsored brands work well for top-of-the-funnel campaign ads. To get better results, pair your Amazon-sponsored brands with category keywords or branded searches. To build your brand awareness, incorporate a custom headline, and logo  into your campaign advertisement. Amazon sponsored brands are also useful for generating traffic on your product listing pages and your storefront.

Create Proper Advertising Campaign Grouping(s). You should start by creating a campaign ad for each group of products that share similar keywords. After this, you would then target different match types using the campaign groups you’ve created. So, for each campaign ad, you create three groups; Broad, Exact, and Phrase. Meanwhile, on the other hand, if you are running automatic campaigns, you would just need one campaign ad group for all your products that share similar keywords.

Run Both Manual and Automated Campaign ads. Automated campaign ads are very beneficial to have an advantage over your competitors in converting keyword traffic. But advisably, you are not to run automated ads at the initial stage only. You are to continue running them. This makes your product(s) show up on your competitor’s page under “Sponsored products related to this item.” To enhance this, you should run both manual and automatic campaign ads for all your products

Take note to include the campaign type in your campaign names. For example, ”Product (Manual)” and “Product (Automatic)” to help you differentiate each ad easily when viewing in the Campaign Manager.

Add High-conversion Keywords and Terms From Your Automatic Campaign To Your Manual Campaign Ads. If you notice that your automatic campaign ads convert sales with some search keywords and terms that you do not have currently included in your manual campaigns, you should add them. To get the most productive results, add them as broad, phrase, and exact, then optimize bids to ascertain which has the highest conversion rate.

Watch it Like a Hawk and Keep Optimizing the Campaigns
Many Amazon sellers would agree that the most challenging part of their advertising campaign process is monitoring and optimizing their campaign ads. In particular, automated campaigns are very tedious and time-consuming because they require you to download the automatic targeting report as an excel file, then sort out the different ad groups to see which keywords are converting clicks. This is a very traditional and error-prone process. You could improve your accuracy in campaign analysis by using .

Place Product Variations In A Single Ad Group. This tip is crucial if you sell products that have variations; the variations can come in size, color, material, and others. If you do, it is advisable to put them in the same ad group(s). Amazon will then run the ad(s) showing the image and pushing traffic to the most popular variation when you do this.

This does not mean that a customer would not have the option to choose from other variations. Once a customer clicks on the detail page, they’d have the option to choose from the listed variations.

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Of course, these are not the only tips and techniques to creating effective Amazon campaign ads, but these techniques have proven cost-effective and productive over the years. The aim is to sell more and spend less on campaign ads., and these techniques will help you do just that!

December 13, 2021 - Reading time: 10 minutes