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Blog Money – How to make money blogging

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Blog Money – How to make money blogging

18 January 2010 Posted by: Markus Allen

If you’re wondering how to make money blogging, you’re not alone.

Most bloggers have all of the best intentions, but fail to bank blog money.

We all listen to the “gurus” for ideas to make money blogging, but these same gurus are just dead wrong.

The good news is there’s a solid, reputable and relatively easy way to earn money blogging. I use the following 3 techniques when blogging for cash:

Sell stuff – Visitors to your site are most likely searching for solutions to their problems. Some arrive to your blog already in the buying mood. And blog postings tend to seem more credible and believable… so linking to a solution tends to generate high conversions.

I actually find a two-step selling process works best. I pitch the idea of subscribing to my free email newsletter and from time to time cordially mention products I sell. Offering solutions to fix problems with this method works quite well for me.  And my website tracking stats show significantly higher conversion rates compared to trying to make the sale directly from my blog posts.

Show corporate advertising – As the economy sinks further into depression and recession, only the strongest companies are going to survive. And these companies have a lead generation problem… knowing it’s important to put their lead generation on autopilot. So these companies are willing to pay bloggers to help them redirect these blog visitors to their website.

There are all sorts of ways to accept cash for ads on your blog:

Contextual ads – Brokers like Google and Chitika offer to play middleman and share in the revenue for placing sponsor’s ads on your blog.

The most common ad is a classified ad. Some place display ads. And some uses services that turn some of the words in your blog post into clickable ads.

No matter which format you agree on, you’re getting paid. Every time your blog visitor clicks on these links (or ads), you split the revenue with your broker of choice. It’s great because you’re able to bank real money without the appearance of selling out.

Exclusive sponsorships – A more lucrative and stable stream of income comes when you strike a private arrangement with an exclusive sponsor. I know several bloggers who have year-long contracts with advertisers thrilled with displaying their ads exclusively next to blogger content.

I offer unique advertising to earn money blogging – featuring a different corporate sponsor on my blog every single day of the year. I have 365 websites I feature… companies pay me anywhere from $1 to $365 to feature their website based on the day of year. Jan. 1 is $1, the 2nd is $2, and so on, until Dec. 31, which is $365. When you add the math, that’s $66,805.00 this year. It’s guaranteed money and it takes me about 25 minutes a day to complete each day’s blog post.

Do you see why I love to make money blogging (and you should, too)?

Sell affiliate products – Many “gurus” tell us it’s easy to make money blogging by promoting other people’s products. Good luck with that. I tried promoting over 200 different affiliate products since November of 1997 and not a single company has paid me on time. That’s no typo… zero.

With that said, some have come close. And it’s for this reason I’m extremely careful about promoting other people’s products.

Yes, you can make some money with affiliate programs, but I prefer selling my own product and displaying corporate sponsors next to my blog content as my primary way to earn money blogging.

Final tip – There’s no reason for you to struggle with making money with earning money blogging. If you’re ready to cash in right now, you might want to grab these blog money tips, techniques and methods.

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