SEO Marketing for Chinese Consumers
or Clients in North America

Are you selling products or provide a service to local Chinese people in USA or Canada?

If you are not promoting your product to the Chinese people living in North America then you are leaving lots of money on the table.

Did you know there are 1.77 Million of Chinese people living in Canada, according to the 2016 census? Some cities are even highly concentrated with Chinese population, such as Vancouver and Toronto.

In USA there are 3.8 Million Chinese people. A huge untapped market and not so competitive yet!

It’s time to get your more leads or sales to your website through Google by optimizing your website with right Chinese search terms and adding creative Chinese salescopy writing.

Need Help Getting Your Product or Service into the Canadian Chinese Market?

Most Canadian Business Owners would immediately think to launch their product directly into China. What they don’t realize is the culture difference that makes this jump very difficult and costly. Here is a better approach:  

Step 1

First Target 1.77 Million Chinese People in Canada

Step 2

Then Increase Brand Awareness in China through these 1.77 Million people

Why it makes sense to target the Chinese population in the large cities like Vancouver or Toronto?

See this news article:

How Can we Help You Enter the Chinese Market?

Most Chinese people in Canada prefer to search online in Chinese. We offer solutions and strategies for entering the Chinese market through digital marketing. We get you Chinese buyers or leads through the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here are one of the most effective solutions that we provide to help you get more Chinese leads or consumers:

Write Creative Chinese Description for your Website that is highly converting

Design and Optimize Your Website for the Chinese Online Visitors

Increase Your Chinese Search Engine Ranking at Google

Increase your brand awareness online in Chinese

Chinese Online Advertising using Google Pay Per Click Ads

The Secret to Success is Matching the Right Chinese Search Terms That Your Potential Clients Are Typing in Google

Get more leads or customers by getting first page ranking in Google for the buyers keywords.

Here are the key strategies AMZing Marketing will help your website generate more leads and sales:

  1. Find the right Chinese keywords that your customer are searching in Google
  2. Optimize your website with those keywords to increase the Google ranking
  3. Integrate these keywords in our creative crafted sales writing

We Select Only One Client from the Same Industry,
So Partner with Us Now Before Someone Else Does

Don’t let your competitor be ahead of you. Select AMZing Marketing as your search engine marketing partner so we can bring your more Chinese clients at the most cost-effective way.  

AMZing Marketing Recommends a Minimum 3-month contract for getting the best with this Search Engine Ranking (SEO) Strategy

Getting first page ranking takes a time and a lot of tedious work. We know how the Google ranking algorithm works and this powerful strategy requires long term planning.

It’s a very time consuming process, but once you get the first page ranking you will see the leads or sales flowing into your website constantly.

It’s time to get help from AMZing Marketing Experts: