SEO Press Release – How to attract new leads with a release

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SEO Press Release – How to attract new leads with a release

6 May 2010 Posted by: Guest Blogger

Writing that is more SEO-friendly is not impossible; follow these tips and you will reach your ultimate goal.

Forget the jargon

The most important thing in this step is telling your story. Concentrating too much on the SEO at first will ruin the point that you are trying to get across. Ask someone to read your release. If they don’t understand something, change it.

Stick to the key words

Key words are important in your headline. Before you submit your release, Google your headline to see just how many competitors come up. A key word search tool is something that the pros use and you should take advantage of it too. Look for words that have little competition.

Make the important words stand out with bold

This is a good habit to get into. Readers like to scan things first; using bold for the important topics is enough to get their attention. Make sure that your link is highlighted with bold letters so that the reader can easily pick it out.

Take advantage of free SEO tools

Learning the right way to use SEO so that it will benefit you more can be difficult and take a lot of practice. Until your skills are pro level, take advantage of the free tools that will help you choose the perfect key words. Take the time to try more than one tool. Find the one that works for you and stick with it.

Make anchor links work for you

Adding anchor links to your keywords will give you more potential to drive customers back to your site. Make sure that the link is aimed back at the keywords on your homepage.

SEO optimize at least 250 words

The first 250 words will keep or lose your readers. They need something that holds their attention; if they lose interest, all of your writing has been done in vain. Make sure that every step up into this point is included in the first 250 words. Make sure your release is in the third person point of view.

Be patient

Reading this means you are willing to learn. Remember to take your time and don’t give up. It will come to you eventually.

Grab everyone’s attention

Make people want to know more about your product or service. The best way to do this is to ask them what they want and need. If you provide the people with what they are looking for in a press release, you will be rewarded greatly.

Write perfect copy

Practice your writing, the better your writing the easier it will be to sell your product. Remember practice makes perfect.

Make it newsworthy

If the content is interesting people will want to read it. If you don’t have a good product to sell with a good story to sell it SEO will not move your product. Before you even start writing ask yourself if the product is something you would buy.

Melissa S Sequeira is a talented and creative copywriter adept at writing copy to suit your requirements. She has an excellent grasp of SEO and works, in particular, on eBooks, ghost writing, academic writing, copywriting and sales writing. Contact Melissa at

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