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Let’s face it… building your business is harder than ever. And it’s getting worse as the economy continues to sour and more and more competitors fight on our turf.

But get this – a lot of the small business entrepeneurs I hang with are having their best year ever! It’s true… no hype.

So why do most struggle building their business while the people I know make money effortlessly?

The answer is simple. It’s because the most successful people I know focus almost every minute of the day on marketing their business. They live and breathe marketing.

If you’re a marketing junkie like us, you might be interesting in hanging out with us… I formed a new private club and priced it at just $199 monthly. And when you join today, you’re loyalty is rewarded and your monthly dues are locked in for life — never worry about a price increase ever again.

Here’s EXACTLY what you get the instant your join my Marketing Junkies’ Club:

Personal one-on-one coaching

Every week, I open up my telephone conference line and answer your questions. No topic is taboo. Ask me anything you desire to help you grow your business, slash costs and/or boost your profits…

… And get this – I invite a handful of my inner circle members (the best of the best marketing junkies) to join my call and help brainstorm the best methods and tactics along with us.

Gain exclusive access to my personal email

As a member of my Marketing Junkies Club, you get my personal email address… it’s your direct link to me anytime you’re looking to get feedback.

If you’re shy and would prefer to email me your questions, no problem… just zap it to me. It’s really that easy.

Instant access to 282 hours of coaching calls

Each coaching session lasts about 90 minutes and is recorded and made available to you. There are 3 popular ways to listen… online from your private, member’s only dashboard, download to your computer or streaming via iTunes.

Many of our Marketing Junkies’ Club members listen to these strategy sessions on trips, the ride to work and even when exercising. Listening to our recorded coaching calls is certainly more valuable than wasting your time listening to that nonsense on TV. (And it’s more profitable for you, too.)

Rub elbows with fellow marketing junkies

This benefit is the best part of joining our club…

… While we’re trading business-building ideas over the telephone, other members of the club (from all areas around the world) are swapping ideas in our simultaneous instant chat area. We find the best business-building ideas are often found here.

The bottom line is club members forge new friendships… never be alone again – just hang out with a bunch of marketing junkies and run your thoughts by the group… it’s AWESOME!

Tap into my secret Million Dollar Rolodex™

The heart of any successful business is a Rolodex full of important names, addresses, phone numbers and web sites. Without that, I don’t know how a business could survive, no less succeed. I’m fortunate to know some great people whom I can recommend without hesitation. My Million Dollar Rolodex gives you links to real people with real businesses that help you professionally and personally.

“These secrets are amazing!”

Your Marketing Junkies’ Club is amazing! No matter what approach I take with my websites, your tutorials offers, not one, but several up-to-date solutions, ideas and recommendations.

And the “Million Dollar Rolodex” — what a fabulous resource!

It is the Total Package – the perfect reference library for website owners and designers.

– Chris Jackson
Webmaster & Designer
Toledo, Ohio

This is a list of the suppliers I use and the people I recommend. It also includes my required reading list. These are the manuals, courses, books, etc. that I find most valuable to my business and personal success. I credit them with putting me where I am today. Every one of them should be in your own business success library. They’re all in my library and I use them constantly.

When you join as a club member, you get to tap into my entire library of marketing information sources on one single webpage.

Just scan through my Million Dollar Rolodex™ for that perfect source… never make another mistake again buying something from the wrong vendor or supplier.

The “Cliffs’ Notes” of marketing tutorials

All of my tutorials priced under $50.00 are now yours as a member of our Marketing Junkies Club. I skip the fluff and get right to the stuff. Each online marketing tutorial shows you EXACTLY how to profit in just a glance.

Here are the tutorials you get the instant you join the club:

Blog Post Title – The most important sentence of your blog
If you’re like most bloggers, you focus most of your time on creating a great blog post. I think this is a BIG mistake. Instead, I suggest investing most of your energy crafting a great blog post title.

First in Google
I first revealed this backdoor secret at Doberman Dan’s Orlando seminar. It works. You’re going to get precisely-qualified leads to your site in about 14 days.

Monetize your blog with AdSense
Some say Google’s contextual revenue sharing service called AdSense is dead. That’s true… it’s dead if you listen to the “gooroos” and “experts”. Instead, use my tutorial to boost your eCPM. This includes my 72 minute makeover with Ryan Healy.

Instant Internet Marketing Secrets
This online reference guide and system revealing how to tweak your blog or website to attract more leads… convert more visitors into subscribers… and to convert your visitors into buyers (just like the pros).

Think of this as a cheat sheet for lazy Internet marketers. Seriously. Working hard is quite overrated. Using these secrets doesn’t require much work… just scan my list of short and easy-to-implement ideas and put ’em into action.

Secret Penny Sale
If you’re a retailer, you must drop EVERYTHING and read this blueprint to get your customers to buy more (and more often).

This is a blueprint and case study of a unique promotion I gave an Amish health food retailer. He converted the garage behind his house into a $1.6 million operation in less than 16 months using this one strategy alone.

Facebook Ads Secrets
I’m shocked. I never thought Facebook ads would pay off. But I was wrong… they do – and I’m revealing my Facebook advetising secrets.

Frank Kern (exposed)
This expose reveals how criminal/genius Frank Kern sells a bunch of new age stuff.

And more… much much more… more added each and every week!

Go from good to great – join our club now…

Are you ready to put and end to your money problems and turn your business from good to great? If so, you might want to join our Marketing Junkies Club at the charter rate of just $199 monthly (or yearly for a one-time payment of $1999).

As soon as you enroll (below), you’re instantly on the other side (no silly upsells or one-time offers).

And in the rare event that you’re not blown away with your new membership, don’t fret. It couldn’t be easier to cancel as membership dues are handled exclusively with PayPal. That means you don’t have to track me down, beg or make excuses – just unsubscribe within your PayPal account and that’s it.

Are you ready to finally take your business to the next level – starting right now? If so, let’s meetup… join the club and get started by entering your name and email address in the enrollment section below:

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