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Customer Pain Points – How to turn customer complaints into cash

How to turn customer complaints into cash

A you using customer pain points in your advertising to win new buyers?

One of my hand’s-down, best kept marketing secrets is to track down people SCREAMING IN PAIN and convert their suffering into cash.

For example, take a look at this… in less time than it takes to eat a salad, I was able to grab these pain points from potential buyers:

customer pain points

You see, when people invest the time to vent their frustrations on a website, they’re BEGGING you to reply because with a solution to their problem. Making the sale is a snap with this method. All you have to do is convert these pain points into benefits and advantages and watch the sales roll in. I’m not kidding… it’s really this simple.

Here’s exactly what you get
the moment you order this tutorial…

How to find people screaming their wants and desires online
My guide reveals how I use a special Google search to find precisely-targeted forums filled with buyers in pain. Just click Google’s search button once and hundreds — even thousands of customer pain points surface right in front of your eyes.

My swipe file of 5 amazing “pain point” words
After you search Google for buyers screaming out in pain, search again using these 5 words to pinpoint the exact problem to “inspire” you to write your own, great ad copy.

35 fill-in-the-blank ad templates
In 60 seconds (or less), you fill in the blanks borrowing my simple (yet extremely powerful) ad writing templates (instead of starting at a blank screen). In mere moments, you’re writing your own professional ad copy to help you sell more stuff. You get the same exact fill-in-the-blank “cheat sheet” I use to convert more visitors into buyers. Anyone with a pulse can use these my pre-written templates to quickly and easily grow their business.

Here’s what they’re saying about this…

“Mark, you put an incredible amount of work into this. Its value is immense. Thank you. I’m forever amazed at how much information I get from you for such a small investment.”

– Travis James
Boston, Massachusetts

“Excellent tutorial! Bullseye! You showed a simple yet effective way to answer the question everyone is asking (or should be asking)…”How do I know what my customers want?” And then how to give it to them. Thanks for the key!”

– Robert Schwarztrauber
Buffalo, New York

“Great tutorial! I know the focus is on how to fire up your ad copy, but this is going to be great for coming up with “feature-benefit” bullet points like John Carlton is always talking about and I never fully understood until reading your tutorial. That was a major Ah-ha!! Moment for me.

Another thing that this helped me with was getting inside my prospect’s head. After running through this tutorial for one of my sites, I can see that what I thought “Bob” wanted IS NOT what Bob REALLY wants. It bothers me to think of the money I’ve missed out on by not having a tool that defined what my prospect wanted. Oh well… better late than never.

Plus, I can see using this exact same method for getting great taglines for my blog titles… as well as for choosing blog topics that are exactly what my audience wants. These are great tips for someone like me who doesn’t mind doing a little work, but doesn’t want to do anymore than I have to.

The only thing I might change is to put the “forum” secrets at the top since I do things in order and found those to be the best tips.

Great tutorial and one that’s going to make me money. Thanks.”

– J.T. Pierce
Las Vegas, Nevada


The pain point tutorial is awesome. I can finally understand how to find what a market wants to buy, rather than picking a product and trying to convince buyers they should buy it. Your method takes a little work, but you explain it so clearly, it’s understandable and doable.

It was a real eye opener for me, and your method will help me understand the needs and speak the language of any market. I think this tutorial is a turning point for my online business. Thanks for creating it. It would be a great value even at a much higher price.”

Jonathan Porier

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