What is Sales Rank and How To Increase it?

If you are a seller on Amazon, you should take your sales rank seriously. Amazon considers the sales rank of each product when ranking them on the general product listing page of that particular category. For Amazon, the higher your sales rank, the higher the demand for your product. Do you want to maximize profit by increasing sales? Then, you should also pay attention to how to increase your Amazon sales rank.

What is Sales Rank?

Sales rank is a metric that shows the sales performance of products within the same category. It is usually updated hourly and can range from 1 to over a million. The lower the number, the higher the sales performance. So if a product ranks #1, it is the best selling of the category for that particular period. A #4 product on the sales rank is the fourth selling product of that category, and so on. For sales rank, only products of the same category are concerned.


You can imagine the volume of sales you’d be converting, ranking between numbers 1 and 10. Well then, let’s delve into some productive tips you can implement. Most sellers on Amazon do not know that the sales rank is based on how well a product has been selling recently. So, to increase your sales rank, you need to have consistent sales. Let us get you through the best practices for making reasonably consistent sales on Amazon.

• Have An Ideal And Standard Product Title. Logically, your product title is the first thing shoppers would notice when they land on your product listings page. You have to capture shoppers’ attention with a flawless title, more so, a title that matches what they are searching for. So how do you do this just the right way?

You need to do appropriate keyword research and tailor your title accordingly. You have to check out how your top competitors are naming their products to have an idea of the major and relevant keywords in your product category. After naming according to your keyword research, do well to include as many descriptive keywords as fitting. If your brand has some cache, you can include your brand name as well. If not, do with keyword(s) instead.

• Optimize Your Product Description Page. Though it is not always the case, shoppers will often want to know more about the product they want to buy. So, you do yourself a favor by creating an excellent and optimized description. It is easy. All you have to do is include relevant keywords used by other top competitors, and importantly, you have to make the description interesting!

How do you make your product description interesting? Make sure you point out the problem(s) your product solves. More so, point out critical differentiators of your product from those of your competitors. A good way of doing this is to highlight your product's best features in bullet points. Most shoppers are not patient enough to read lengthy descriptions. So, pointing out the benefits of your product(s) in concise and clear points would satisfy most shoppers.

• Win the Amazon Buy Box. This is a very effective means of getting consistent sales on Amazon. Most sellers usually do their best to get their products into the Buy Box because they get more sales conversions and click-through. If your product is not in the Buy Box, shoppers would have to find your products in a search and then find out your particular product offer. This results in low click-through and an eventual low sales rank.

To win the Buy Box, set your prices competitively. How? Make sure you do not exceed 3% of the current Buy Box current price. Do not lower the prices of your product and then increase the shipping price exorbitantly. The Amazon algorithm would detect that. Also, be more specific in your product categorization. Place your product(s) under the most exact category. You tend to have a higher ranking in a more specific category.

• Standard product photograph(s). This is one tip that most Amazon sellers do not pay enough attention to. But little do they know that shoppers notice product image(s) in the product listings. Your main product image should include the entire product within a frame, against a white background, and without additional text or graphics.

It is advisable to add as many other images as you can, and at the same time, make sure you meet Amazon’s image requirements. All your images should be at least 1000 pixels, width, or height. Use different images that highlight the top features of your product to engage shoppers’ attention; infographics can be used to do this.

• Offer Prime. According to Amazon stats, there are over 150 million Amazon Prime members worldwide – that is, a lot of customers who could be buying your product(s). In most cases, you cannot get these persons to buy your products except you offer prime. These Prime members can detect if you do not offer Prime even before they visit your product page. Amazon Prime is the very first filter shoppers can click when browsing on Amazon.

If your products are not on Amazon Prime, you will lose a lot of sales to Prime sellers. In the long run, your sales rank will plummet. So, get signed up for Amazon Prime membership to maximize your sales today!



Remember that getting a good rank in your product category gives you leverage as a seller in that category. Shoppers will become more interested in your product, and the probability that you’d convert many click-throughs is high. Increasing your sales rank is not an overnight process. You just have to be diligent in implementing these best practices we have exposed you to. You can be sure to see positive results after a reasonable period of implementing them.

December 13, 2021 - Reading time: 10 minutes