Increase Amazon Product Reviews Without Getting Your Account Suspended

Product Reviews at Amazon are critical to your product’s success but are increasingly harder to get. Gone are the days of buying reviews, asking your friend to give reviews or joining a Facebook review group. Don’t take risk with these black hat tactics. Amazon is very strict now and we have seen many of our clients got their account suspended before they consult AMZing Marketing Agency.


AMZing Marketing agency has the best and safest strategy to help your get product reviews. We use follow-up email marketing strategy.


How Can Follow Up Email Marketing Get You More Amazon Product Reviews

Email marketing is a strategically challenging, but it’s a direct way to get more reviews on your amazon product page. Simply put, it is sending an email that asks everyone who has purchased your product to leave a positive review.


AMZing Marketing Agency implements an effective email marketing strategy, you can create a powerful and reliable brand identity that can dramatically increase your brand reputation which will increase your sales in the long-run.

How Can Reviews Dramatically Increase My Sales and Ranking?

Email marketing is one of the most important strategies to implement into your business agenda. When customers leave a review it can help create a strong branding identity that potential and future customers can trust. Reviews allow potential customers to quickly check the reliability and quality of a product.

Having more positive product reviews on Amazon can help prevent customer purchase uncertainty or hesitation – which ultimately, increases your sales.


Increase conversion rate means more sales. More sales means higher sales rank, so your product ranking will increase at the Amazon search results.

Positive Product Reviews Help You Build a Strong Brand Name

After receiving many product reviews, you not only build a trustworthy relationship with consumers, but also a strong brand name. Branding is an important aspect of marketing. Think of brand names such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Lugaro, and other world-renowned brands.

Many people associate these brands with the words like “high-quality”, “luxurious”, “reliable”, “trustworthy”, and many other positive words. Many people world-wide trust these brands because of their strong and long term reliable products and branding identity.

Our Service To Increase Your Product Reviews Includes

Setup Automated Email Follow-Up System

that automatically sends a reminder email to all of your customers to leave a review on your Amazon product page.

Increased Reviews

using an automated system to remind your customers to review your product can dramatically increase the amount of traffic to your review page and increase the amount of reviews your product receives.

Custom Professionally Planned and Executed Marketing Strategies

that will strategize and cater to the needs of your consumers.

Increased Sales

When your product has more reviews, it can make it easier for consumers to trust your product and make a purchase.

Continued Growth

once you have many positive reviews and an established branding identity, your sales will increase for the long term.



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