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How to build backlinks the fast and easy way

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How to build backlinks the fast and easy way

14 July 2011 Posted by: Markus Allen Comments Off

Whether you’re an internet marketing rookie or a passionate internet marketing junkie like me, you’ve probably heard it’s crucial to know how to build backlink to get Google, Yahoo! and Bing to feature your webpages.

Backlinks are like votes. And the search engines rely heavily on these votes to determine what position you show up in a web search.

We’re all guilty of listening to all of the wrong “gurus” and “experts” and make classic backlinking mistakes… everything from using automated tools to using link wheels with “footprints” — even backlinking too much, too fast.

Yes it’s true. Getting too many backlinks too quickly actually works against you. Let me prove it to you below…

… Here’s a snapshot of my webstats. Here we see my how-to tutorial on writing a personal biography example gets me a lot of traffic – 67,232 visitors in just 90 days:


backlinking success history stats


This webpage has been on my site for years. And while I currently average more than 700 visitors a day to this webpage, it wasn’t always so bountiful…

… I too listened to the wrong people and made all of the backlinking mistakes one could make. It even got me banned from showing up in Google’s search results for years.

So back in the Spring of 2009, I reversed engineered some sites and figured out how to make Google happy and get a steady parade of traffic to my webpages. To my surprise, I found that working too hard and too fast actually worked against me. Instead, I invest just 15 minutes a day on building links.

As a result, I’m getting this:


backlinking success history trend


See how the graph continues to steadily grow in numbers month after month?

The best way to build backlinks is to “prime the pump”. Go slow. I avoid automated backlinking tools – they leave “footprints” and “signals” that you’re trying to game the system. Instead, I shoot for less than a dozen backlinks to get my webpage on the first page of Google – take a look:


backlinking success pagerank backlinks


When you look at the top, you see I have SEOQuake installed… and it shows the PR:0 (I have a PageRank of zero… yes that’s a 0) and Y!:8 (yes, just 8 incoming links to my webpage). So once again the “gurus” and “experts” are all wrong – you don’t need to have hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to show up tops in the search results to get 700 visitors to your site each day. In almost every case, my most visited webpages have less than a dozen inbound links.

Just 8 incoming links to my site gets Google to send me this:


backlinking success history keywords


See how I’m getting hundreds (even thousands) of free organic traffic referrals from Google? If I were to pay just 10 cents a click using Google AdWords’ pay per click advertising program, this would set me back thousands and thousands of dollars. Instead, I get this traffic 100% FREE!

Most of the keywords are a result of showing up on the first page in Google. (And I got a bunch from Yahoo! and Bing, too.)

So what’s my secret? How in the world am I able to get just 8 backlinks to my site and get 66,182 visits in just the last 90 days?

Here it is – the tactic that made the BIG difference:


backlinking success nofollow


One of my secrets is to post a “nofollow” link. Yep, while all of the “gurus” and “experts” tell us to avoid “nofollow” backlinks, it was this link above that made all of the difference. I know it because I track this stuff… and as soon as I posted that link (shown above), my visits more than doubled the very next week. And since then, traffic to this webpage of mine has gone up more than 11 times.

Later today I’m holding a teleseminar about this. I’m going to reveal my #1 backlinking secret location that no one is talking about…


Update: I just completed this seminar about backlinking. And this email from John Patten just arrived shortly after:

backlinking testimonial John Patten


… This teleseminar is FREE when you join my Marketing Junkies Club. And dont’ fret if you can’t make the call… I record everything and make the replay available the very next day. To access this call, look for the 7/7/2011 teleconference replay.

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